Thursday, June 30, 2016

Fudd Leaves Me Speechless

Fuddus Maximus, the pernicious gun-owning pest and nattering 'butter' of gun control support, made an appearance in July's Guns & Ammo magazine. Tom Page, of Boardman, Ohio, decried those vewy very scawy 'assault weapons' on the cover. They even published a 'thank you' added on when the May edition didn't have an AR-15 on the cover. Yeah Tom, keep thinking it's about you. I'm sure that a business decision didn't have anything to do with it.
"It has been reduced to 'Black Guns & Semiauto Pistols.' It's the worst excuse of a magazine that purports to represent the interest of all shooters." Now this Fudd admits he owned, but got rid of, the terrifying, baby killer 'assault weapons', which he ironically also praised. Jerkoff Tom clearly prefers hunting rifles and the wood, non-threatening rifles that Fudds are known for. 
Well Tom, they did feature your favorite Shannon Watts approved type rifle the next month. However, Tom is remiss in noticing that right now 'black guns and semiauto pistols' are really, really, really popular in the gun community. Surplus guns and wood stocked bolt guns have had their day, though they still remain popular. Since the rage right now are the scary 'salt weapons, Guns & Ammo is simply following the market with an occasional foray into other topics. One wonders if Tom of the early 1900s decried the introduction of smokeless powder and semi-autos, longing for the days of trapdoor Springfield conversions and lovely Winchester lever actions. And GD that Browning for his automatic pistol!

Tom also compounds his foolishness by going on to say:
"...although it gives the anti-gunners great ammunition to foster more gun control laws. All black guns are trouble." 
I don't think I need to point out what a total asinine moron this guy is for that statement. Guess what Tom: one day your precious scoped hunting rifle firing a bullet at 2000 FPS will be described as a "high power sniper rifle." Let me know how that works out for you. Tom, it's gun owners like you that cause trouble for the rest of us. Congrats on looking like the dumbass you are in front of America.

*When trying to compose a title, I was literally rendered speechless to describe just how strongly I felt.


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