Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Local Pols on Orlando: Dems Mostly Wrong

I’m not going to editorialize too much. What happened in Orlando was a total failure of the federal law enforcement and intelligence community. Florida law disarmed bar patrons, putting them in a perfect defenseless kill zone, where the local SWAT team failed to act immediately and decisively, needlessly costing more lives. Because the shooter’s family, Islamic community, and employer failed to act on his warning signs, 49 people (perhaps more in the future) are dead. 102 families are devastated.

The focus on this being a crime only against gays is wrong; while it obviously was targeted against homosexuals, the factors are too complex to label this as simply a gay hate crime. The shooter’s messed up ideology (of course, he was only following the ways of Islam) and possibly some personal conflict over his sexuality both contributed to this act. This was not just an attack on a gay bar. It was an attack on the tolerant and inclusive American way of life.

Thankfully, many people, gay and straight, are waking up to the reality that the only way to stop a terrorist with a gun is a good guy, preferably several, also with a gun.

Senator Reid-D, who hasn’t met a gun control law he doesn’t like, has a litany of press releases that denounce the NRA, gun owners, and anyone but Islamic terrorists. This one example pretty much sums them all up.

“We are still waiting for Republicans to find the courage to stand up to the National Rifle Association and join with Democrats to keep guns out of the hands of terror suspects. Unfortunately, the so-called negotiations that took place today were little more than a smokescreen by Republicans trying to give themselves political cover while they continue to march in lock-step with NRA’s extreme positions. Democrats are always happy to engage in negotiations, but the talks must be serious and aimed at keeping guns out of the hands of terrorists.’

What he meant: It’s the Republican’s and NRA’s fault we can repeal due process and ban guns too! In virtually all of his statements on the topic, everything harkens back to the fact that the ‘solution’ is to ban guns and the Republicans and the NRA are keeping him from doing so. To support his wicked position in total conflict with the Constitution, he quotes Al Qaeda and lies.

Mike Prevatt wrote in the Las Vegas Weekly about a memorial service at the Gay and Lesbian Community Center of Southern Nevada. Current and former members of the state legislature were among the speakers who preached a message predominantly about the need for gun control. Some of the speaker’s comments from various sources, including the memorial, follow.

State Senator Pat Spearman-D said “We can honor the innocent victims of these hate crimes by committing our lives to continued activity to enact common sense gun safety legislation…” She also shared this whopper on social media demonstrating her total ignorance and hatred of guns.

Kelvin Atkinson-D posted this absolutely wrong and incredibly stupid statement on Facebook, showing that the truth is so ill-relevant to his intolerant and hateful worldview that he can’t be bothered to spend two minutes searching on Google.

 Assemblyman James Healy-D said on Facebook “It's critical that we only allow representatives in office that believe in equality and believe in responsible gun ownership.”

Congresswoman Dina Titus-D, blamed ‘gun violence’ and ignored Islamic terror. Titus has a history as a Nevada state legislator of being anti-gun and missing the whole point of armed self-defense. I will say that she is one of the very few Democrats I've seen that has a general sense of dignity, compassion, and tenderness. Shame her beliefs suck.

Chaplain Sandy Marks said he has “seen the damage that an AR-15 can do. I’ve been there … I’ve been devastated.” While Marks volunteers with LVMPD as a chaplain, there is no mention of military service available on his LinkedIn profile, so one wonders exactly where he saw those kinds of wounds, considering AR-15s are seldom used in murders. Perhaps he meant people shot by LVMPD officers, though chaplains usually don’t have much to do with a criminal’s body.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman was drew intense heat because she didn’t pander and denounce guns. Apparently, telling the truth—that gun laws aren’t the solution to terrorism—was “rebutting” the community. The audience then literally booed her from the stage because she didn’t tell them what they wanted to hear. Perhaps she could have avoided the topic altogether, but in an evening when it seems like all the speakers preached for gun control, this supposedly open, inclusive, and tolerant community should have tolerated another opinion. But when has logic and facts every mattered to the hardcore left?

The Republican side seemed a little more grounded in the reality of the situation.

Congressman Cresent Hardy-R, called the shooting “the worst terrorist attack since 9/11” and said “Last night’s attack is a reminder that we must remain vigilant against the clear and present danger of radical Islamic terrorism.”

Attorney General Laxalt characterized the whole thing properly.

“Yesterday, Omar Mateen, an Islamic terrorist, attacked a gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. He murdered fifty Americans on American soil in the name of the Islamic State. The Islamic State called Mateen ‘a soldier of the Caliphate.’

“Calling this attack a hate crime, a mass shooting or an act of violence fails to properly characterize what yesterday’s shooting was--a terrorist attack perpetrated by radical Islamists. Minimizing the attack neither clarifies our duty as a nation, nor targets the enemies that are responsible. It goes without saying that yesterday’s terrorist attack was a hate crime, a mass shooting and an act of violence, in the same way that September 11th was a hate crime, a series of deliberate airplane crashes and also an act of violence. Nevertheless, September 11th was not about generically preventing hijacked plane crashes and acts of violence. Islamic terrorists threaten the American way of life. Our enemy seeks to kill Americans simply for being Americans, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion or sexual orientation. Our duty is to unite as a nation, properly name the enemy and then destroy that enemy.

“President Obama and the political left continue to confuse and distort reality, thereby endangering American lives here and abroad. Leaders must unite – not seek to divide – Americans and Nevadans over the second most deadly terrorist attack on American soil in history.” 

As always, it’s not about the truth, it’s about the agenda. It’s a shame that the poor victims of this tragedy are being exploited to advance gun control and promote political careers. And of course the left ignores the gay man arrested for suspected terrorism in Los Angeles the same day. Doesn’t fit the agenda. I’ll leave you with the following: 

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