Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Few Rules Restricting Tactical Assault Pants in Public in Nevada

We decided to investigate a surprising public safety hazard that most people have overlooked. But in light of recent media reports highly Nevada's lax gun laws, we thought it was time someone investigate the dangers of tactical assault pants.

Nevada gun laws, along with open carry laws, allow people to carry a firearm almost anywhere they like. That might include the Las Vegas Strip, clubs and bars.

Bigh Lameaux, an attorney for Designers for Fashion Sense in America, said Nevada receives an F when it comes to fashion safety.

“The fact is, if these pants make it easier to carry things, then many more Americans would be wearing them. People must realize these pants of war have no place on our streets.”

“Pants with high capacity storage just aren’t needed by civilians. It’s excessive and dangerous. It’s too easy to hide an assault rifle inside them and bypass security. It is unconscionable that Nevada allows such a thing.”

We contacted Five Period Eleven who sells these military-style pants to the public, but they declined to comment. Several fashion control bills, including one that would ban pants with more than four pockets, were defeated in the Senate this week. As the debate in Congress rages, we must decide if this is the kind of country we wish to be, where almost anyone can wear these pants in public. 

Special thanks to the real "Joe Camo," the US Army, and Rob Buck. And no, "Joe Camo" is not editor GC Gates and we were not focusing on that girl's butt. 


  1. WTF? These communists want to ban a type of PANTS NOW? Before I even got into shooting I wore cargo pants. I am a IT Admin who likes to be prepared. So I carry Knives, Razors, Multi Tools, Battery's Hard Drives, USB Drives, Flash Light, Cliff Bars, and then your everyday items like Lighter, Wallet, Pens, Cell Phone and a Portable Battery Charger. All of this stuff comes in handy on the job more often than you think, and even more so in my everyday lifs and I like to be prepared. Then after an incident at a Job Site a few years back, I decided it was time to train myself to deal with a self defense situation when someone was armed with more than a knife. That's when I went to Front Sight and started Training. Now I am a Concealed EDC American, and after a week of carrying my normal stuff, PLUS my Concealed XDm 9mm, and extra Mags, I realized my normal Cargo Pants and belts just wouldn't do the trick anymore, and I discovered Tactical Pants and Belts. I own literally 8 pairs of the same exact Tactical Pants from 5.11, because they are perfect for me. And because I work in then and use them in everyday life, I just get the all Black Kind, at first look, they just look like regular dress pants with extra pockets, because that is pretty much what they are, just higher quality. I wear them to work, to business meetings, and to all my leisure activities as well. I have never noticed anyone looking at me because of my pants, or ever had anyone ask me anything about them, including police, unless they see me pull like food or something out of one my pockets, I've had friends laugh at me for just having Cliff Bars and Energy drinks ready to go. I have a system set up that I love, that works for me, and I guess maybe if they were in the Camo or Coyote Colors than uninformed people might find them scary, but in Black no body, including some of my most uptight clients find them scary.

    8 guess my point is, there are MANY OF REASONS why everyday civilians would want to be able to have more than 4 pockets for legislate reasons that are none of the government's business. Just because you have 8 pockets doesn't mean you are hiding an AR-15. For that matter you could be wearing a pair of Basket Ball Shorts and a loose Shirt with a Belt under your clothes and hide an AR-15. You can't ban types of Clothes that is just ridiculous and Tyrannical. I hope our government never really truly tries.

    And maybe more regular unarmed citizens should try wearing a pair of Tactical Pants from 5.11 or another great company, they might find that even without Carrying a weapon, they have great every uses and don't Tear or Stain easily. They are great rugged pants for everyday life, and allow you to create a system where you can carry all the items you use on a daily basis with you comfortably. I truly hope they never ban them, that would server no purpose and would be ridiculous. And even if they did, I bet I would still get away with it, because mine our black. I guess there only scary because they are Camo or Military Colors huh?

  2. Hahaha ha!

    I am SOOOO Slow! Lol...

    I was genuinely pissed about this and was even trying to find when the Senate tried to pass these bills saying how many pockets you can have!

    Damn I a Dumb, my bad! Great Article, and great comparison to the issues the left is trying to push. I love it! Hopefully they are not as slow as I am, and actually get what you are trying to do... I LOVE IT!