Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Quit the NRA

The NRA released a statement today that it believes that those on terror watch lists deserve to have their constitutional rights denied, specifically the right to buy a gun. Such a statement should be condemned by those who support freedom because the NRA took the politically expedient route.
I take specific exception to the part where the NRA believes that a sale should be delayed while the investigation is completed. Do they mean the up to three day delay that currently exists when someone has an old parking warrant on their record? Or do they mean the sale is indefinitely postponed until the FBI gives the go-ahead? What exactly is their plan for 'due process'? No one should be added to a watchlist that has no real criteria for being placed on. Kids, senators, and congressmen have been on it for heaven's sake!
The Constitution is meant to protect against a tyrannical government, one that will label citizens who oppose it terrorists or traitors. The Bill of Rights was intended to check the unlimited powers that Great Britain used to brutally suppress the colonists who cried aloud against the abuses of their deaf government. We face a threat from Islamic terrorism; a religion and a mentality that is hateful to the central tenets of its doctrine. We are faced with a war upon our people and our culture. More laws are not the answer.
The murderer in Orlando was under FBI surveillance, but that investigation was apparently pulled at the request of Hillary Clinton's State Department. His father visited the White House and may have met with the president. His ex-wife knew about this plot, yet did nothing. His employer was afraid to discipline him because he was a Muslim. He was not on any watchlist at the time he bought his gun legally, with a background check. This 'solution' would not have prevented this atrocity. 49 people are dead and 102 families torn apart because the government failed to identify and stop a terrorist.
More laws and 'checks' are not the answer. Admitting we have a problem with Islamic terror and utilizing the law enforcement resources we already have are the solution. Additionally, end gun free zones and allow people to defend themselves. No one should have to cower in a bathroom and wait to be shot. You may not succeed, but you deserve the chance to fight back effectively.

The Second Amendment is about the slippery slope. The NRA institutionally does not understand that. They have never understood that, instead willing to give in for the few instead of the rights of the many.The NRA has for too long supported compromise, allowed state-by-state Bloomberg assaults on gun rights, and too often supported outright racist gun laws. Until the NRA gets active in stopping all forms of infringement, it does not deserve your support. An organization that does so little and compromises so much is not worthy of your time and money.

When the time comes for gun owners to be treated as seditious and terrorists, the NRA will support the round-up. Due process means nothing to the NRA; they prefer to allow unchecked government power to say who can and can't own a gun.

While terrorism is a serious concern, putting names on a list or starting investigations without probable cause is a slippery slope. What is to stop the Federal government from declaring all gun owners to be domestic terrorists? Did you click 'Like' on a post about the Bundy Ranch? Now you are a terrorist supporter. Donate to a 'radical' gun rights group like the Second Amendment Foundation? Now you are a financial backer of terrorism. Think that's not likely? How many Japanese-Americans in the late 1930s thought that they would be put in concentration camps by their own country?

Nevadans, we have accomplished MUCH without the NRA. Leave them behind, cancel or don't renew your memberships. Donate to the Nevada Firearm Coalition, Nevadans for State Gun Rights, or work on your own to further gun rights. As individuals banding together, we can succeed at our goals without a bloated, political, and compromised organization. 
For those that criticize me calling out the NRA: What have they done for you lately? Where were they early on when Bloomberg was collecting signatures to ban private gun sales? Why did they trash open carry in 1995? Why didn't they fight harder in 2015 for school carry and constitutional carry? What kind of gun rights organization is this? It's not. It's a political, 'feel good' club for good ol' boys. If you like a $35 magazine to read on the toilet, you can give them your money, but that's all they're worth.

For those that argue we aren't doing anything to stop terrorists from getting guns: How would the proposed laws have stopped this massacre? Answer that question first. Tell me how someone not under active investigation or a prohibited person can be detected and stopped if his friends and family say nothing.

No compromise.