Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Time to Get a Little Tin Foil Hatty

The FBI’s failure to recommend charges against Hillary Clinton marked a new low in American history. Even during Watergate we did not see such shameful behavior by our government where Richard Nixon had the dignity to step down after he was caught and publicly humiliated. We see no such behavior in Washington today. A day after our 240th anniversary celebrating our independence from a corrupt and wholly morally bankrupt country, we are assaulted with this travesty. Our own president rejoiced with Clinton just hours after Director Comey excruciatingly detailed the extent of her crimes.

Ladies and gentleman, the rule of law in the country is brain dead. Only the life support machines are keeping its heart beating and lungs inflating.

The Attorney General of the United States, Loretta Lynch, America’s top-cop some say, was obviously co-opted in a meeting with former President Clinton in Phoenix. Even the loathsome Eric Holder seemed incapable of stooping this low.

We have seen the Ninth Circuit Court dismantle the right to concealed carry, along with other districts. We have seen the Fifth Circuit Court refuse to acknowledge the case law of Miller vs. US. The Supreme Court refuses to enforce its rulings and makes decisions based on popular politics, not on law. Our Congress is totally feckless and impotent. We have been besieged by billionaires affecting politics. The media actively spreads lies and ignores stories that Americans by all rights should know about.

At this time, America is at great peril. I wonder what will become of us in the future and if Hillary Clinton is elected. A civil war is certain; how it will start, what will spark it, and when it will begin are all questions that historians will dissect. We face such dangerous tribulations ahead that we can only implore God for relief.

Our conversations turn to talk of martial law, government tyranny in all its forms, the lack of redress in the courts, gun confiscations, and prepping is in vogue like the fallout shelter scare of the 1950s and 1960s. Grim times lie ahead I doubt that we have the willpower and ability to steer our ship of state away from the rocks.

The Simpsons: Brother's Little Helper
Now for my point: when the government truly becomes abusive, this blog and the website will go silent. Advocacy under law and free speech is how we do our business; without a working justice system where all parties honor the law and the right to free speech is held paramount, we cannot do what we do. This is not a militia or revolutionary blog, though sometimes gun rights and tyranny must by nature overlap. If the government becomes overtly tyrannical, we risk our safety by fighting with words. Can you imagine if the library district goons had the green light to roll us up for daring to call them out as the petty tyrant sons-of-bitches that they are?

I will not preach revolution here. That’s not what we’re about. Nevada Carry firmly believes in fighting the good fight through America’s time honored democratic and legal traditions. If the time comes when it is fight or die, resist or be arrested, or be silent or be silenced, our signal shall stop. That does not mean we will stop fighting; no, we will preach the truth underground where they cannot turn off our servers, close our accounts, or block our IPs.

In those days we will speak the truth where it will be heard. We will recount the words of old, the stories of our forefathers, and the precious beliefs that our America was built on. In the near future, I will pen some articles on what the prudent armed American can do in case things do get bad, but again, we’re not guerillas here. We’re just good guys fighting the good fight so things don’t have to get dirty. Had more people raised their voices sooner, I doubt it would come to this.

Just know that if we have to go silent and our blog/website/social media slowly decays without updates or goes quiet suddenly, know that we didn’t give up the fight. It’s not acquiescing to the authorities, it will be waiting to fight another day. You can’t hide the light of a city on hill. 


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