Thursday, July 14, 2016

End Truck Violence Now!

In light of the horrific terror attack religious misunderstanding in Nice, France, it's time we enact common-sense truck control here in the United States. Only by placing reasonable restrictions on trucks can we prevent this kind of sad 'accident' from happening here.

1. Universal background checks on all vehicle sales; all sales of vehicles must be done at the DMV so the driver can get a background check.
2. Prohibit private citizens or small business from owning trucks that weigh more than 3 tons; no one really needs such a large vehicle.
3. Limit ownership of commercial trucks to large shipping companies only.
4. Make automatic transmissions illegal. Automatic transmissions allow trucks to shift fast and without driver input, making it far easier to accelerate and do major damage. Manual transmissions save lives!
5. Remove power steering that enables a large vehicle moving at high speed to smoothly make turns and endanger more lives.
6. A 10-day waiting period for trucks and only 1 truck purchase every 30 days.
7. Ban truck shows!
8. Prohibit road closures for pedestrian events; pedestrians belong on sidewalks! 

President Obama said "We flood communities with so many trucks that is easier for a teenager to buy a GMC than get his hands on a computer or even a book."

It's time we get these dangerous vehicles off our streets. Together we can end this madness before it starts over here. Won't you join us in stopping truck violence?

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