Friday, May 19, 2017

Two Bad Gun Bills Die

SB 115, the library gun free zones/open carry revenge bill has died, along with SB387, the gun violence restraining order bill (gun confiscations). Neither bill left the Assembly Judiciary Committee before their deadlines. The legislative session ends officially June 6.

For those concerned with libraries respecting the law, the lawsuit appeal is pending. The legislature has spoken (favorably, for us, after a fashion) and the judiciary will as well. We need to be patient and let the legal process finish itself out. Rome wasn’t built in a day. To those who feel “something” needs to be done, your support in opposition of the bill sent the message that Nevadan’s don’t want more gun free zones, especially with such an egregious background as SB 115 had. No other actions are needed right now.

As for SB387, we will see it again in some form in the next session in 2019 or on the ballot like with Question 1. Right now, we need to spread the word that pre-crime confiscation of guns is not the way to go and it will do nothing to disarm those who are a danger. Rather, it is empowering people to defend themselves against attackers or help those who need mental health treatment to get it. Taking due process away to “do something” to save lives is anti-American and will not make anyone safer.

I want to thank everyone for their comments and opinions submitted to the legislators. I also want to thank the senators and the assemblymen and women who voted or otherwise opposed these bills, even across the aisle. Beyond that, I invite those who hold opposing viewpoints to speak with us candidly and see our point of view.

Remember, pro-gun candidates must take a majority in 2018 or Nevada will be lost. Let’s begin turning our energy to selecting and helping to elect pro-rights candidates for our state.

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