Wednesday, December 2, 2015

San Bernardino Shooting: The One Thing We Do Know UPDATED

As I write, we don’t know much about the horrific shootings at the center for developmentally disabled adults in San Bernardino, CA. We don’t know how many shooters there were, what the motivation for the attack was, or how bad the casualties are. What we do know is what the reaction from President Obama and his liberal cadre will be.

President Obama will say, as he as often repeated, that “this type of mass violence does not happen in other advanced countries.” Just taking the last 5 years from so-called “advanced countries”; predominately white, European countries with strict gun control laws (so no one can question the definition), evidence shows Obama to be a liar. 
  • England, June 2, 2010. A gunman killed 12 and injured 11 more during a rampage in Cumbria (NW England).
  • Germany, September 20, 2010. A woman killed 4 and wounded 18 by shooting and stabbing.
  • Norway, July 22, 2011 Anders Behring Breivik murdered 69 people, mostly teenagers at a youth camp, and killed 8 more in a diversionary bombing.
  • Moscow, November 7, 2012 Six people were killed by a gunman in warehouse.
  • Paris, January, 7, 2015 Muslim terrorists killed 12 because magazine Charlie Hebo mocked Mohammed.
  • Sweden, March 19, 2015 15 were wounded and 2 killed when two unidentified gunmen entered a pub in Gothenburg.
  • Paris, November 13, 2015 ISIS terrorists killed 130 in multiple shootings and bombings. 
Going further back, we can see this has been happening internationally for a while. The Port Arthur massacre of April 1996 in Australia lead to draconian gun control laws, including mass confiscation, which President Obama and Democratic nominee hopeful Hillary Clinton would like to emulate. This didn’t prevent the Monash University Shooting years later.

In the UK, in 1987 Hungerford Massacre pre-dated many of the notorious American mass shootings.  The Dunblane school massacre of the 1990s claimed 18 lives and led to increased British gun control laws, which did not prevent the later shootings in Cumbria.

Guns are not the problem, as a litany of mass stabbings in China show. A 2014 attack in Kunming with knives left 33 dead and 143 injured.

The media is already recounting the mass shootings in recent history and reporters regurgitating the president’s opinion on how we need more gun laws. “Common sense” gun laws, which aren’t. “Close the terrorist loophole,” despite ordinary people ending up on the terror watch list by accident (which also includes TSA employees). As Rahm Emmanuel, the president’s former
advisor said, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

On gun control, California has enough laws. ‘Assault weapons’ are banned (but easily and legally circumvented), the legal carry of firearms nigh impossible, and magazine capacity is limited to ten rounds. Gun control doesn’t stop mass shootings, but politicians are too stupid to understand this. In fact, they make it more difficult. California governor Jerry Brown recently signed a bill to prohibit concealed weapon permit holders from carrying firearms on school/university campuses.

Politics aside, what is the real story? Why are there many reports of multiple shooters, getaway vehicles, and reports of the shooter(s) being well-armed and dressed in combat gear? Update: Is this a deranged individual, a disgruntled and sick employee, or something far worse, like ISIS? Many media sources are now reporting that the shooter has a Middle Eastern name that one would expect if this were Islamic terror.

If this is confirmed to be any sort of terrorism, especially Islamic terrorism that the president can't bush off as 'workplace violence' like at Fort Hood, I'm sure there will be calls to close the 'terrorist loophole.' Obama and the leftists, and some of the freedom hating Republicans, would love to make anyone who's name shows up on the inaccurate terror watch list a prohibited person, due process be damned. Forget the fact that TSA employees are on the list and that names get added on by mistake. What if your name gets added on because you own guns and oppose government tyranny? What if the NRA names on the member list is one day declared to be terrorist suspects?

Only time will tell, but this is not a time for a conversation on more gun control. We have too much.

-G. C.

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