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How Politicians Will Kill Students and Teachers: Campus Carry Bans

California will soon lose what is probably its only gun-rights improvement over Nevada once the just-signed SB 707 goes into effect. Just like Nevada, all schools and colleges will be transformed into ‘gun-free zones’ so that mass murderers, thieves, and rapists can operate with impunity. Those with concealed firearm permits will be denied the right to carry a firearm on campus, something previously allowed under California law. Being a state enslaved to political correctness and media hype, the recent shooting at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, OR, forced Gov. Brown’s hand.

In a post that would be otherwise laughable, the ridiculous liberal group Courage California disgustingly celebrated their alleged ‘victory’ over the NRA by showing an image of military boot kicking the NRA out of the state. It is ironic that this ‘victory’ over allowing licensed, trained, and vetted citizens from defending themselves is represented with a book. They are so desperate to suppress their adversaries that they will lie and spin good as evil to do it. Only crushing all opposing—tyranny—is what matters to anti-gunners. That same boot will one day trample upon their necks.

Credit: Courage California

They called SB 707 ‘life saving’, banning guns in schools, or concealed firearms, depending on the source, neglecting to mention that random people stuffing guns in the jeans was already illegal (though it shouldn’t necessarily be that way, but I digress). The bill removed the exemption for those with concealed handgun licenses from existing state laws banning guns on campuses. In California, it was a ‘loop hole’ because they have practically banned everything else.

In Nevada, a person with a concealed firearm permit must have written permission of the person in charge of the school or college to carry a concealed firearm on campus. Permission is so rare, that it campus carry advocate and rape victim Amanda Collins was only given permission to carry on campus after she was raped and under the condition of absolute secrecy. The criteria is secret and requests routinely ignored.

In Nevada’s legislative session this year, we watched the progressive Republican cowards such as Senators Brower and Roberson cower to the equally feckless Gov. Sandoval who, rumor has it, did not want campus carry to pass. Another bill that would protect anyone who simply drove into a school parking lot with a gun in the glove box from accidentally becoming a criminal also died. See NRS 202.265.

Campus carry is banned on the outright lie that it will ‘cost lives’, implying innocent ones. That excuse is an utter lie and abhorrent perversion of the truth. Those Californians who supported SB 707 and those in Nevada who helped kill our campus carry bill support death and murder. By suppressing the ability to shoot back and kill a campus spree killer, these anti-gunners will be the ones that cost lives with the calloused decisions. They would rather see unarmed students cowering helpless before their murderer rather than the students or staff shooting back. Banning campus carry will cost innocent lives. If/when, God forbid, this tragedy visits Nevada, Nevada Carry will hang the dead around the necks of those with blood on their hands.

The arguments against campus carry are total nonsense. Most of them revolve around the fallacy that a campus is sacred ground, not subject to the same reality as the outside world. Some think that the concealed firearms (poor open carry is always ignored) themselves will intimidate professors and students and thus jeopardize the free exchange of ideas. Another fallacy is that the presence of legally carried guns, by those who have completed training and been vetted by the sheriff, would engage in criminality or cause firearm accidents. All of these have been debunked here and also here. Any rationale for prohibiting campus carry doesn’t hold water.

Liberal Logic

The word ‘liberal’ has become a pejorative with conservatives for those who are obsessed with political correctness, don’t believe in the right to bear arms, and seem to support positions based on either spurious, or the total lack of, logic contrary to their state aims. For instance, a liberal tends to believe life is supreme and strong measure should be taken to preserve it. When the topic is deaths by guns, their solution is to curtail or eliminate the carry/ownership of firearms. This solution becomes paradoxical to preserving life from violent death when they seek to remove guns from the hands of the law abiding.

A gunman is only stopped when he is shot or taken into custody. With very few exceptions, most high-profile shooters were either killed by a good-guy with a gun or committed suicide when faced with an armed response (usually police). It’s worth noting here that all mass murders since the 1950s (except for one) have taken place in a gun-free zone. Also, since most of these shootings were in a place where guns were prohibited by law, and the fact that murder is also prohibited by law, the shooter clearly was not worried about breaking the law.

Legislators suffer from the hammer-nail problem, where since all they have is a hammer, they see all their problems as nails. That is, since all they can do is pass a law—and they must do something—to redress societal ills, they believe that the problems can be made to go away by passing a law. It is delusional to think the way to stop people from breaking a law is passing a law. Criminals by their very definition are unconcerned with what is legal and what isn’t; especially a suicidal mass murderer. The joke of death row or life in prison is no threat.

Mass shootings on campuses are already illegal thanks to NRS 200.010 which outlaws murder. In some twisted imagination, there is the idea that making it illegal to have a firearm on campus will stop a murderer. Laws work in two ways: one, they deter the sensible (and usually law-abiding) person with the threat of a penalty, and two, they punish violators by incapacitating them from further violations (prison) or chastising them (restrictions or fines) so that in the future, they remember the loss of money, property, or pain in the butt of probation and are deterred from a repeat violation. Criminals are well aware what they are doing is illegal, but either don’t care to begin with or believe that they will be able to get away with their crime.

The Magic of Gun Free Zones

Laws don’t have a magical effect of keeping people from breaking the law like some sort of magical force field. A citizen carrier walking towards UNR wouldn’t be knocked flat as soon as he tried to cross the line between the sidewalk and campus, nor would an armed drug-dealing student be afflicted with a sudden panic to run out of class and dump his gun. Gun bans are nothing more than superstition. To the left, guns are some sort of talisman of evil and laws a disenchantment spell. SB 707 and NRS 202.265 are not sinecures for campus shootings. The Apostles would have said that ant-gunners have been blinded by the god of this age and having been seduced into a stupor by evil is the only explanation for such absurd behavior.

How do the supporters of disarmed campuses (‘free fire zones’) think the laws will work? That criminals will suddenly see the light and decide not to break the gun ban? If in the rare event a mass shooter doesn’t off himself at the approach of police, do they expect that the threat of an additional misdemeanor being tacked on to all those murder and attempted murder charges will frighten them into not killing their classmates?

One must totally bereft of humanity to ignore the tears of the heartbroken families and be unmoved by the cries of the injured. To leave people defenseless because of lies and politics is the epitome of depraved egos. The left and anti-gunners do not care about substance, only superficial achievements regardless of unintended consequence. Obamacare is a great example. Premiums went up, plan benefits dropped out, many Americans lost coverage, and people are still uninsured. But on paper, we have national healthcare.

The only people renewing the ‘debate’ on gun control are the same usual suspects trotting out their tired and empty arguments. President Obama use of ‘his pen and his phone’ resulted in a meaningless gesture towards more background checks and reporting for licensed gun collectors (Curio & Relics) intended to create the illusion that something is being done. He can’t pass any legislation and is too much of a coward to be an outright dictator (thank God), so he gets the ATF to abuse its authority to take action for the sake of taking action.

However, a growing chorus of voices are denying the narrative that guns are the problem. In the presidential race, Donald Trump suggests that arming teachers is a way to keep students alive. Most Americans aren’t buying the lies anymore. President Obama was soundly protested in Roseburg, OR, in his self-serving visit showing that the community doesn’t think guns were the problem. Guns aren’t the problem and banning them is not the solution.

Nevada politicians who killed campus carry (Sandoval, Roberson, and Brower); remember, the blood of any defenseless student murdered on a Nevada campus will be upon your head. 

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