Friday, December 4, 2015

It's Really Islamic Terror and No, We Don't Need More Gun Control

The New Face of Islamic Terror in America

We now know that the terrorists in Wednesday’s attack in San Bernardino were identified as Middle Eastern Muslims, Syed Farook, his wife Tashfeen Malik, and Qatari-born Tayyeep Bin Ardogan. This was Islamic terrorism. The denial of this fact by the government and media is absolutely sickening. Because there is no smoking gun, such as social media posts (they were scrubbed the day before the incident) and the terrorists didn’t shout “Allahu ackbar!”, the government, leftists, and the media can only ‘guess’ at the motive. Other than the fact the perpetrators were all Muslims, their verified ties to suspected radicals and preparation indicates this was not random workplace violence.

It’s becoming apparent that ‘lone wolf’ attacks, not directed by a country or larger terrorist organization like Al-Qaeda, are the new threat. For the first few years of the last decade, America was focused almost solely on major terrorist attacks. Our airplanes got hardened cockpit doors, our pilots got guns, TSA stripped us virtually naked and made us take off our shoes. Lady Liberty closed, barricades sprung up around you local federal offices, and we held out breaths when we were warned to buy plastic sheeting and duct tape. WMDs, dirty bombs, suitcase nukes and sleeper cells were the stuff of nightmares.

FBI agents worked around the clock trying to prevent the next attack. Thankfully, the wars in Afghanistan and later Iraq drew the jihadi’s like moths to flame and they were slain overseas rather than in the United States. It was far easier for a riled-up young Saudi to travel across the border to Iraq and bomb Americans than it was for them to somehow infiltrate our country. Many, many would-be homeland terrorists instead died at the hands of our soldiers and Marines in the desert.

Al-Qaeda, the global terrorist organization dedicated to destroying the United States, was broken, leaving us without a Number One enemy in the War on Terror. It’s fair to mention that it never was some sort of James Bond-esque SPECTRE type organization. Once President Obama withdrew most troops from Iraq (and ended Bush’s War on Terror), a huge vacuum of power was left in the region and was filled with violent jihadists from Syria. ISIS is still only a small regional force. It does not have the power or organization to lead mass attacks abroad like the Bin Laden funded and led Al-Qaeda could. However, its powerful social media has duped thousands.

Despite the rather pedantic and na├»ve way the political dilettantes fought the Taliban and George W. Bushs’ misguided revenge on Saddam Hussein, there was a benefit to it all. We did not see a single Islamic terrorist attack in the United States until Barack Obama’s presidency in 2009 when a Muslim psychiatrist shot up Fort Hood. ‘Lone wolf’ terrorism was the new wildcard.

Israel’s experiences were the model for the fears of the kind of attacks that were (and still are) expected: suicide bombers and machine gun armed terrorists attacking buses, malls, and pizza shops. Paris’ two attacks this year are a good example of the extreme of non-directed attacks. In America, we had the two brothers  who bombed the Boston Marathon despite any orders from Chechen groups.
Fed by disgusting videos and violent rhetoric, ISIS has encouraged many to travel to Syria and Iraq to swell its ranks. It has claim to have infiltrated Western society with hundreds of terrorists willing to wage jihad. Time will soon tell if we have a rag-tag army among us or just random whack jobs radicalized online.

Americans will now have to worry about being shot in our workplace by our friends. A Muslim turns his hatred of the Western lifestyle against his friend and co-workers. This soft target wasn’t a mall, but the mastermind’s workplace. We expected schools, shopping malls, churches to be shot up—not a Christmas Party at work. Look around at your co-workers. Sure, we joke about someone being the type to go postal and blast the office when they have a bad day, but we don’t actually imagine that our dependable Muslim colleague is going to practice the parts of the Quran that call for jihad. Literally anywhere can become a target for terror, not just the obvious targets like malls, casinos, crowds, and high-profile attractions.  Being California, none of the employees could be armed (same story in most Nevada government offices).

Denial of Islamic Terror

Federal and local law enforcement delayed and prevaricated in placing the blame of this attack squarely where it belongs; Islam. This was a pre-planned attack, not a case of sudden rage from a disgruntled co-worker. Not even the most irrational people who decide to commit a sudden act of murder stock up body armor, weapons, and pipe bombs ‘just in case’ they want to go off on a particular day. The media took forever to confirm the information, despite it being available for half the day.

CAIR, the Council on American Islamic Relations, jumped out in front of the press Wednesday night trying distance Islam from this Islamic terrorist attack. CAIR has been tied to Palestinian terror group Hamas. CAIR is the group that comes out every time Muslims are implicated in an Islamic terrorist incident to lie about Islam being a religion of peace. Interestingly, the Arabic root work that Islam is derived from means ‘surrender’ and not surrender of the self, but surrender as give in to Islam (or die). Islam didn't spread across the Arabian desert through missionaries, but by war and slaughter.

Make no bones about it; Islam calls for the death of those who will not convert (kaffirs, or unbelievers). Islamic end-times prophecies hold that Isa, the Muslim incarnation of Jesus, will finally slay all remaining unbelievers on behalf of the Muslim messiah, the Mahdi. I’m not getting too much into how Islam is an existential threat to the west or how the Quran really is violent. I’ve done that in a previous post and you can find better articles online yourself. Thankfully, most Muslims in America aren’t going to kill you even if their more religious kin might.

Excuse for Gun Control

Even before any substantive details were out, politicians were calling for gun control and the media lamenting gun violence and mass shootings in America. I predicted this. You know, the same old story that helps push the narrative that guns are bad and need to be banned. Capitalizing on the crisis, senators attempted to ram universal background checks down the throats of Americans, but the measure was defeated.

Unfortunately, Democrats have lately been calling for closing the so-called ‘Terrorist Loophole’ by adding anyone on the terror watch-list to the roles of prohibited persons. This is at the same time when it has become fashionable for anti-gun leftists, who are calling the NRA a terrorist organization and its members terrorists. I don’t think any of the terrorists in San Bernardino were NRA members, nor has Wayne La Pierre called for murdering anyone. Can you imagine giving these mentally unbalanced individuals the power to put average American gun owners on a terror watch-list?

It could very well happen. TSA agents, innocent grandparents, people with a name similar to actual terrorists have wound up on the list, without due process, lost their right to fly, and had to endure a Kafkaesque process to get their name off the list. If people can wind up on the list by accident, for stupid reasons, or even protect airplanes from terrorists, and yet be on a list of suspected terrorists, do we really want to trust that kind of source?

No one wants terrorists to buy a gun, but the whole ‘terrorist loophole’ bullshit it just that. First, innocent until proven guilty. No one should have a right taken away until they’ve had their day in court, first. Second, the FBI or other law enforcement should be paying attention to anyone on the list if they buy a gun. Third, true terrorists, like in San Bernardino, will find another way to get guns, such as smuggling them as was done in the Paris attacks.

Never mind the fact that Wednesday’s terrorists bought their weapons legally in a state that has universal background checks and some of the strictest gun control laws in America. Those gun control laws deterred the terrorists as much as the laws against murder did.

Last, going back to the idiots who consider the NRA to be terrorists for using their right to free speech and democratic political action, just who constitutes a ‘terrorist’ is up for grab. Imagine the Obama administration finding a way to declare all gun owners who support the Second Amendment unfettered terrorists. “Those who believe they have the right to own guns to overthrow a government they disagree are a clear and present threat to the government of the United States.” Imagine your ‘Molon Labe’ or ‘Don’t Tread On Me’ bumper stickers being used to justify your support for a 'terrorist' civilian militia movement. Just take a look at the demonization of gun owners; it’s plausible and very frightening.

-G. C.

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