Monday, December 21, 2015

North Las Vegas Police Lie Again About Gun Laws

North Las Vegas police continue their old tricks of harassing and lying to open carriers. On Facebook, a citizen reported that he was pulled over by NLVPD. The officer gave him a warning, telling him that it was illegal to have a round chambered in his revolver.

This is not true. Only long-guns (rifles, shotguns) must not have a round in the chamber in a vehicle (NRS 503.165). As our readers know, no local laws regarding firearms, except unsafe discharge, can be made or enforced by any local authority. Only the legislature can make such laws.

The City of North Las Vegas ordinance the officer mentioned was referring to was repealed this fall. So the officer was derelict in his duty for not knowing the law or is simply a liar.

With the widespread reporting of SB 175/240 doing away with ‘blue cards’ and enhancing local preemption, no local police officer should be ignorant of the law, and all patrol officers likely sat through a briefing and even probably saw an email or two on the subject.

North Las Vegas has a nasty reputation for unlawfully harassing armed citizens, particularly armed minorities. Despite assurances from the chief of police and such measures as SB 175/240, officers continue to lie, harass citizens, abuse their authority, and engage in misconduct. Granted, it is not as widespread in years past or something that an armed citizen needs to worry about, but it still does happen. North Las Vegas police have absolutely no excuse for lying to citizens or not knowing the correct laws.

So what can you do? If this happens to you, be sure to get the officer’s name and identification number. It’s recommended that you record your encounter as well. If the officer gives erroneous information, harasses or threatens you, or outright lies about the law, file a citizen’s complaint against the officer. If you are cited or arrested, contact an attorney. The city can face enhanced civil penalties for violating state preemption laws. Please also contact Nevada Carry.

In the mean time, I urge all my readers to contact the chief of police and the city council to let them know this behavior will not be tolerated and of the need to educate and discipline their employees.

Chief Alexander Perez (

City Council

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