Friday, June 5, 2015

Clark County Park Police Seeing the Light

A reply was just received from Roy A. Michael, Commander of the Clark County Park Police, regarding the park police’s stance on enhanced preemption, prohibiting concealed carry and possession of firearms in county parks.

This is the commander’s brief email:
“Thank you for the email Mr [redacted].  It appears that the new language will allow open carry and carrying concealed weapons in County Parks, we are in contact with the Clark County District Attorney’s Office to understand the entire meaning of this new language.” 

While the statement could have been more strongly worded, it appears they will also comply with the law. However, knowing these changes were coming down the pike, all county agencies and the District Attorney’s office should have been prepared in advance."

My reply:
“This helps clear up some of the confusion. As you can appreciate, the sudden and great change of these bills created a huge amount of public interest and questions too. I can understand how our local government may have been caught by surprise by all this interest.
"The public’s concern is twofold. One, that local law enforcement and government agencies have gotten word of the changes and are complying. Two, the fear that officials were delaying compliance until the enhanced civil penalties in October would essentially force them to comply.
"Your message has allayed those fears, as far as our county parks are concerned. I will take this as your word that the park police will be comply with this law immediately and will no longer be enforcing the prohibition of firearms in county parks.”
Ladies and gentleman, it looks like the Clark County Park Police got the memo. Let's hold them to their word. We can't be sure that DA Wolfson won't renege in a fit of Clark County gov. regret and revenge, but I think another duck fell in line.

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-G. C.

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