Saturday, February 10, 2018

What the Left Will Target in 2019?

Clark County's other "newspaper"
The raging dumpster fire that is the Las Vegas Sun is Southern Nevada’s progressive mouthpiece shouting out orders to the leftists of East California. They blatantly run propaganda pieces that announce what the Democratic machine and Gun Control Inc. are going to be pursuing in the next legislative session. Rest assured, the future of gun freedom in Nevada hinges on this election. Marching orders have been delivered in the open: 
“Although it’s highly unlikely that any action to curtail the NRA and gun manufacturers will happen at the federal and congressional level in the near future, Nevada lawmakers need to be ready with a package of gun-safety legislation during the 2019 session.” (source; don’t click)
 “So law enforcement and security officers need our help in fighting for reasonable gun control measures. These would include a ban on bump stocks and high-capacity magazines, as well as expanded background checks for gun purchases.” (source, don’t click)
 I’d bet money that someone with Bloomberg wrote this or at least directed the copy. Can we get a sportsbook to start a line? Let’s take a look at what this liberal rag has announced as the plan of attack: 
  • Standard capacity magazines
  • Preemption
  • Universal background checks (Question 1)
  • Concealed carry reciprocity
  • Bump fire stocks
  • Tracers

 They hate the fact that liberal city councils and county commissions (Reno, Las Vegas, Clark and Washoe Counties), can’t make emotion-based ordinances to infringe on the Second Amendment. In their world, things would start with banning private sales at the local level, banning 10+ capacity magazines, bump fire stocks, tracers, and probably a return to Reno-like bans on carry. Liberal hypocrites could knee jerk and signal virtue to their heart’s content.

We’ve already seen the miserable excuse for a sheriff, “Scummy” Joe Lombardo shill for magazine capacity bans and that was before that nutjob Paddock decided to enter the asshole hall of fame. This week, the literally-dying Sun decried tracers, which weren’t actually used to attack the crowd (and the jury is out on whether or not he actually tried to explode the fuel tanks). Pro-tip: tracers are for machine guns to make your shooting more accurate and psyche out your enemy.

I don’t defend tracers on the level of fun. I can’t afford a machine gun and I don’t shoot at night. Tracers to me are to mark the last three rounds of a magazine. For those of us who can own a machine gun, it’s your right to own that to resist an oppressive government. That is the bit that scares progressive hoplopaths.

The only solution is to vote Republican across the ticket in 2018. Hold your nose, turn out on Nov. 6, and do it. Keep Nevada from turning into California. With Adam Laxalt as governor, we can hopefully withstand another four years. We'll need them to prep for what's coming.

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