Thursday, February 22, 2018

Angry About All the NRA/Trump/GOP Tough Talk?

Let’s talk about divisiveness. I’ve taken heat from some people who are upset that I am criticizing President Trump, the Republicans, and the NRA for their stance and behavior on gun control lately. Myself and quite a few other Americans are displeased by the NRA’s and the GOP’s willingness to entertain and put forth what amount to gun control proposals. I have even been to the point of crassness to express my extreme displeasure and hope that hyperbole gets some people’s attention.

I do not believe that the NRA is working in our best interest. I do not believe that President Trump or the Republicans understand the issue of gun rights. Combined with intense media pressure and tactics from the Left, the NRA and Trump will give in to anti-gun demands in order to appear “reasonable.” As a result, this behavior will lead to the tide shifting towards ever increasing gun control as the Left wins victories and the will to fight on the Right subsides.

If we were not in danger, we would see the NRA, Republicans, and Trump standing firm on gun rights. Concealed carry reciprocity would have passed and no one would be entertaining a pointless bump fire ban. American support for gun rights is at an all-time high. Republicans control Congress (narrowly). Yet despite all this, concessions are being made all with the NRA’s blessing. The cuts being made to liberty are shallow, but they will inevitably lead to infection.

I am tired of infringements without winning any benefits. “Negotiating” when what is nearest and dearest to your heart is being threatened is not “negotiating”; it’s begging. Insulting the sacred cows of the Party, the NRA, or the President insults the angry gun owners because it suggests that they might be wrong. No one wants to bet on the wrong horse or believe that they put their hope and faith in the wrong entities. It’s frightening to believe that those who claim to be watching out for you, aren’t.

If you are offended by my opinion of Trump, the NRA, or the Republicans, I accuse you of being ignorant of history and human nature. You are too thin-skinned and unwilling to think critically on this topic. You are comfortable deceiving yourself into thinking infringements and capitulation to the Left is somehow protecting you from worse. You do no understand the issue. You do not “get it.” I’m sorry for you. It hurts to see someone that you trusted betray you. I get it, but don’t go into cognitive disassociation because coming to terms with a frightening reality (and future) will cause you more pain.

Some times we have to throw off our cherished thing in order to move forward once it has failed us. The Founding Fathers really did not want to stop being Englishmen, but they had no choice. We cannot live in denial any longer. Living in denial and ignoring what can no longer be ignored will only cost us our last chance of turning around the ship of state. Our rights are being chipped away, one by one, with the NRA and our political leadership helping suggest those that “people don’t care about” to be sacrificed first.

Now, if you choose to disagree, please do so after careful and critical thought. Please explain to me, in detail and with evidence, why you think what is transpiring in Washington is political mastery. Tell me why we should give something up with nothing in return. Think logically and rationally, don’t blindly rush to the defense of some person or organization. So I’m happy if you’re offended; maybe it’ll get you to reflect on why.

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