Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Bloomberg Trolls Seeding Online News Comments

Those who follow Nevada's largest newspaper, The Las Vegas Review-Journal, online might have noticed something about the comments section on any topic that touches on the upcoming Ballot Question 1, universal background checks, which would ban private gun sales. That little something is the short-lived commentators who fearlessly shill in favor of the initiative using catch phrases like "common sense gun laws", etc.

A tactic that leftists, including the Bloomberg backed anti-gun groups is to use their practically unlimited money supply to inject their highly biased and factually inaccurate viewpoints into articles via the comment sections. The actual things said are really nothing more than the same regurgitated talking points and favorite myths, lies, and fallacies that are common to pretty much any organized anti-gun organization (be it Bloomberg, the Brady Campaign, or other fringe groups). The accounts are private and past Bloomberg trolls have seemed to disappear with their comments being scrubbed from existence.

Let's take a look at the latest local commentator, NVLisa (her DISQUS profile name), who we suspect to be the latest paid Bloomberg troll. NVLisa seems to be targeting only background check, gun, shooting, or domestic violence related posts. Of course her profile is private because it would be a shame if everyone could more easily connect the dots to her motivation and bias. Note that she joined on April 26, 2016, the day Clark County District Attorney (a Democrat) announced his support for banning private gun sales. What follows is a little taste of 'her' work.

Editor's note: We actively scrub the occasional anti-gun commentator who tries to spam the blog with their garbage. Differing viewpoints are welcome here, but vapid illogical and false statements are removed. 

Domestic disturbance cited by police in teen’s shooting Tuesday night

This commentator sums up the whole thing quite well (hats off to whoever you are Mr. or Ms. Knees:

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