Sunday, May 29, 2016

Assembly Candidate Sanson Supports Banning Private Gun Sales

Republican Assembly District 13 candidate Steve W. Sanson told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that he supports banning private guns sales via Ballot Question 1, universalbackground checks. Sanson said: 
I believe that before anyone sales a weapon to a citizen there should be a background check on them... We need to enforce the existing laws we have in place. We don’t want weapons in the hands of criminal elements and people that are in the heat of passion. 
Immediately thereafter, Sanson began taking heat from the gun community. On his Facebook page, the candidate replied

Sanson failed to disclose that in 2010, he was arrested for brandishing and possessing a firearm while intoxicated himself. While these violations are not disqualifiers for possessing a firearm, they do point out potential hypocrisy and illustrate the fact that Sanson committed acts he accused his critics of. It is unknown how or if Sanson conducted is own background checks or if there is any veracity to his claims of criminal backgrounds of his critics.

Incumbent Paul Anderson and candidate Leonard Foster have stated they oppose Ballot Question 1 and banning private gun sales. Interestingly, as the below comic from his Facebook shows, Sanson fancies himself a kind of pro-Second Amendment superhero.

Sanson will be discussing the issue on the EMG Radio Show Monday, May 30 (Memorial Day) 91.5 KUNV. Nevadans do not deserve politicians who will compromise their support for a fundamental constitutional right. Sanson has failed to answer questions posed to him by the public, instead immaturely insulting his critics and replying by way of referring them to a radio program. While Mr. Sanson may redeem himself, we will reserve judgement until his “defends” his comments, but his behavior thus far does not indicate we should hold any great expectations.

Nevada's primary election is Tuesday, June 14th.

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