Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Continuing Saga of the Clark County Blue Card Request

Last Thursday, March 12, Metro's PIO office replied that they were working on Nevada Carry's FOIA request for data on the handgun registration program or 'blue cards.' Above is the reply, dated March 17 that we received. At least Metro is taking this serious, after the second request. It's a shame that the entire Republican caucus had to be notified in order to get something done. Such recalcitrance to release public records and comply with a FOIA request is indefensible. It's a petty form of corruption at worst and shameful incompetence at best.

So now we wait "at least" 30 days to get the information. Had Metro processed the request property when it was first received on Feb. 11, the information might be released by now. I predict that Metro will continue to stonewall or find a way to keep this information from becoming public. Well Metro, we will celebrate if the legislature enacts preemption to get rid of this worthless program. 

Special thanks to those in the community who helped get this information out.

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