Monday, April 11, 2016

Vote No On Ballot Question 1 (Universal Background Checks)

The Secretary of State has announced the ballot initiative to ban private gun sales as  Ballot Question 1 (Universal Background Checks). Readers will know that this initiative is a sham, gun control measure.

(Carson City, NV; April 11, 2016) – Nevada Secretary of State Barbara Cegavske announces two initiative petitions have qualified for inclusion on the 2016 General Election ballot.  The Background Check Initiative will be listed as Question Number 1 on the ballot, while the Initiative to Regulate and Tax Marijuana will be listed as Question Number 2. 

Members of the committees that will prepare the arguments for and against the passage of each ballot question have been selected by Secretary Cegavske.  Each ballot question has two committees: one committee is comprised of citizens who favor approval of the ballot question, while the other committee is comprised of citizens who oppose the question. 

Vote no. Tell your friends to vote no. Stop this before it leads to more gun control and gun registration.

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