Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Clark County DA Wolfson Supports Banning Private Gun Sales

The LVRJ had short blurb shilling for Ballot Question 1, Universal Background checks, which would ban private gun sales by requiring all gun sales to proceed through a dealer. This is widely believed to be the first step in a sale/transaction based gun registration system.

DA Wolfson vomited up the same liberal, anti-gun propaganda lines that have been used in one variation or another all over the place this cancer has been found. Frankly, it seems like another 'cut and paste' article from a press release.

“As a prosecutor, I know that it is all too easy for criminals who are prohibited from buying guns to get them online where background checks are not required," the paper quoted him. I kid you not; this exact phrasing can be found in all sorts of similar endorsements.

Hey you lying dumbass, you don't buy guns online. Stop spreading the myth that there is some sort of Amazon.com of guns. Of course, this is the same guy who will call his plea bargains part of his "conviction rate." Yeah...

Online guns sales work two ways: One, you arrange a face-to-face meeting with the buyer/seller just like a classified ad in the paper (but I guess "Ban the Classified Ad Loophole!" doesn't have the same ring). Two, you can order the gun shipped to a federally licensed dealer who then runs the standard Brady Check. Gangbangers aren't getting guns dropped off at their houses. It doesn't work that way.

Wolfson is the kind of person, as a Democrat and a prosecutor, who loves new laws that he can use to lock people up. In Clark County, the criminal justice system has always been hungry to regulate guns. Look at the fight it took to get rid of blue cards! It doesn't matter to Wolfson if he can never enforce the law. Aside from a sting operation or a confession, there is no way to enforce this law! Of course, that's without gun registration. Now if guns were registered, then it's really easy to check and see when the registration was changed and check that against the corresponding background check records.

But nah, it's not about registration, Bloomberg and his anti-gunners say (they've been caught saying otherwise). Then why do they want private checks to use the federal background check system while dealer sales still use the Nevada system with better local records? Why are they pushing this in every state they can? Yes, this is gun registration at it's finest.

These laws simply don't work. California has had a version of this law in one form or another since the early '90s, but its criminals are still awash in guns. Washington's example has been a dismal failure, stopping a fraction of the numbers caught in retail sale Brady checks. So Mr. Wolfson, please shut your mouth, start prosecuting actual criminals, and go work on your TV show.

Read more at www.ballotquestion1.com

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  1. "...online where background checks are not required." WTF? Maybe I should email him my paperwork for all the firearms I've ever purchased online where I had to have it shipped to an FFL dealer so they could run a background check in me, not to mention charge me a fee for having it "transferred" through them. Are these anti-gunners flat out lying or are they that ignorant of the law??? Either way it's unbelievable.