Monday, April 18, 2016

Introducing Frontier Carry is expanding the well-received concept of Nevada Carry to the Intermountain West. Frontier Carry is the authoritative source for the western frontier states' gun laws. These states are united by their unique history, common interests, a patriotic and individualistic culture, and strong support of the Second Amendment. Frontier Carry covers:
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • New Mexico
  • Utah
  • Washington
  • Wyoming
Check out the Frontier Carry blog which rates the best and worst western states' gun laws; surprises are in order! 

Our goal is to help law-abiding citizens understand the often confusing, obscure, and misunderstood firearm possession, purchase, carry, and self-defense laws of the Intermountain West. We seeks to dispel rumors and put an end to pernicious gun law and self-defense myths that discourage citizens from protecting themselves. Through education and awareness, correct knowledge can be spread among citizens to shine a light upon areas of common contention between citizens, their government, and local authorities who are often in conflict over Second Amendment rights. By banding together, states with a common heritage, common interests, and inter-mobile populations can share best practices, ideas, and knowledge to achieve these purposes. Together, with a central share point of law, history, news, and information, state and local gun-rights groups and citizens can effect greater change and cooperation on a regional basis.

From our mountains, to our deserts, plains, and canyons, the rugged states of the 'Wild West' still have a unique perspective and unique considerations when it comes to gun rights. Though the various states have diverged paths over the years, all have a common legal and western history. The cowboys, loggers, miners, prospectors, pioneers, trappers, and hardy souls that founded these western lands all understood that in the west, individuality and self-protection are supreme. This identity is alive and well, but under increasing threats.

From the new front of the Sagebrush Rebellion against burdensome federal influence, to an influx of voters exporting progressive, statist values contrary to the long-established mindset of the West, and a concerted effort by private individuals, groups, and would-be tyrants to restrict gun rights, each state is in danger of falling prey to the anti-gun movement. Since the 1990s and especially since 2013, American opinion has dramatically shifted to re-affirm the importance of the right to bear arms. Sadly, mass media and wealthy, liberal individuals, such as former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, have made the west their own next frontier of gun control.

California, once the crowning jewel of America, has long-ago succumbed to the death of individual freedoms and gun-rights. Colorado has almost nearly succumbed, but freedom lovers have mounted a good fight to turn the tide. Washington and Oregon, already descending bit by bit, are under attack, while deceptive popular measures have taken aim at Nevada and Arizona. These relatively sparsely populated states must form together as one to win against the divide and conquer strategy now being used against us all. United, we can form a formidable weapon against the never-ending crusade of evil and oppression. 

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