Sunday, January 11, 2015

School: Canned Goods for Shooter Defense

An Alabama middle school has started a canned food drive. For what cause? Defense against a school shooting. 

The brilliant and talented Principals Priscilla Holley and Donna Bell sent a letter out to parents asking that  each child be equipped with at least an 8 ounce can of food to be used as an improvised weapon. The idea is that the cans can be thrown at a school shooter to "catch an intruder off-guard," "potentially stun him," or "even knock him out until police arrive."

In Concord, MA, a school also employs the Campbell defense. "Each science classroom is equipped with cans of soup to be thrown at the intruder in the instance that the intruder enters the classroom."

Seriously? They want kids to thrown cans of food at someone who is shooting at them. How about a gun? It is legal for licensed individuals to carry weapons on to school grounds, and indeed only carrying a gun onto a K-12 school with the "intent to do bodily harm" is illegal

Nevada Carry has emailed Principal Holley and is awaiting did not get a response to confirm that the letter is not a hoax. 

Is this what the school had in mind?

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