Monday, January 26, 2015

2015 Legislature Bill Draft Requests

This Reno Gazette-Journal article presents a good synopsis of the bill draft requests (BDRs) pending in the legislature. Several good bills here. And the article is fairly presented. More coverage, analysis, and opinion from Nevada Carry will follow when the actual bill text are availible.

Bill Draft 45-561 Assemblyman John Ellison, R, Elko
Bow hunting
Would allow for carry of guns when bow hunting, currently prohibited by NAC 503.144(c).

Bill Draft 15-221 Senator Don Gustavson, R, Sparks
Constitutional carry
Would institute constitutional carry; i.e. no requirement for a concealed carry permit (ala our neighbor Arizona), as long as you would be legally able to own a gun. Exact details unknown without the full text of the bill, but probably similar requirements to open carry or along the lines of what's required to obtain a concealed weapon permit.

Bill Draft 15-522 and Bill Draft 15-97
Concealed carry permit reciprocity
Senator James Settelmeyer, R, Gardnerville and Assemblyman Jim Wheeler, R, Gardnerville want to do away with the arbitrary way the Nevada Sheriffs and Chiefs Association, legislatively appointed as the arbitrator, determines what states' concealed weapons permits are recognized here. Any state's valid permit would be recognized in Nevada.

Read a letter submitted to the senate in support of constitutional carry.

Bill Draft 15-97
Ending Clark County 'blue card' registry
Senator James Settelmeyer, R, Gardnerville
Would repeal the handgun registration requirement in Clark County, which is antiquated, expensive, and basically useless.

Bill Draft 15-817
Assemblywoman Shelly Shelton, R, Las Vegas
This bill would expand the Castle Doctrine, in that a homeowner who kills an intruder in his home would be presumed to have acted lawfully, rather than having the burden of proof upon the homeowner. This would take Nevada from basically "probably innocent unless proven guilty" to definetly "innocent until proven guilty" in the event of a home self-defense shooting.

Nevada's current justifiable homicide law is fairly strong as it stands, but the more legal protection for the law abiding, the better. 

AB 2 and Bill Draft 20-242
Campus carry
Assemblyman John Hambrick, R, Las Vegas and Assemblywoman Michele Fiore, R, Las Vegas

AB 2
Would allow for the carry of weapons on school campuses when in an occupied vehicle, an unoccupied locked vehicle, or in an unoccupied vehicle in a locked container--all when stored out of sight. Text of AB2 is availible.

Bill Draft 20-242
College carry?
Assemblywoman Fiore's bill content is unknown, but we can only hope it allows for carry of weapons on college/university campuses. Rapes, violence, school shootings; why wouldn't someone want to keep good guys from protecting themselves? 

Nevada Carry supports all of these bills.

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