Sunday, November 16, 2014

WA Background Check Protests and Gun Registration/Confiscation

Regarding the mass civil disobedience gathering to protest and violate the new draconian and unconstitutional background check/transfer initiative (I-594), the Washington State Patrol (state police) are refusing to arrest the demonstrators who will illegally transfer guns to one another (mostly because the bill was so horribly written).

Read the article here on The Truth About Guns.

And here is the link to the official website, hosted by the charismatic and right-on Gav Seim.

Bob Watson said in the comments on The Truth About Guns article said:

“The point is the destruction of “gun culture”. This is the most ambitious piece of social engineering our political and economic elites have ever attempted. They spend tens of millions of dollars in a top-down, long term campaign to pass legislation that creates hundreds of thousands of new ‘criminals’. State by state, the numbers of law abiding gun owners are reduced and the numbers of ‘criminals’ who own guns are increased. In tandem, the number of prohibited persons who are classified as mentally ill or domestic abusers is increased.

“The elimination of a civil right presents a thorny problem. Massive efforts to enforce the draconian legislation passed in Connecticut, California, Washington, Maryland and New York would be counter-productive. It would produce a political backlash that would derail their plans. It is more effective to play a long-game with gradual increases in enforcement. In a decade or two, millions of citizens will no longer be able pass a background check and confiscation of firearms from criminals and prohibited persons will be common place.”

Couldn't have said it better myself, Bob.

We as Americans have a duty, based both in our God-given natural rights as well as a duty secured with the blood of our founders, to defend our rights. We must protest, we must speak against what the influence of blatant lies and money of the elite can do. Americans threw tea into Boston Harbor as a dramatic protest against unjust taxes, imposed by an arrogant and ignorant parliament, who incidentally was also far removed from the world of the common colonists.

Today they may come for your guns. Tomorrow they may take away your freedom of speech. Someday, they may come for you. Guns are our last line of defense.

The desire to trade guns freely without background check centers on convenience, not having to go to a dealer, wait, and pay $25, and also to avoid handing the government a paper trail that allows for de facto registration. Ever buy a gun from a dealer? It’s de facto registered. Read this page to see how that happens.

Still don’t believe that registration leads to confiscation? Look at what the abhorrent, tyrannical state of New York is doing. It confiscates the legally owned guns of deceased persons, robbing their relatives of their possession. There is no justification for this. New York has deigned to designate some persons worthy of firearms ownership and others not. Since they know the guns are there, and they know the owner is dead, they come for them. Now what if they simply didn't want the owner owning guns? Replace ‘dead’ with ‘outspoken’. If the government knows about them, they can take them.

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