Saturday, November 15, 2014

More Proof

Unsurprisingly, the carpetbagging would-be totalitarian Michael Bloomberg had his proxy organizations import out-of-state petition gatherers to dupe the uniformed into signing away our rights. That's right, get the true believers or those who aren't like you (so they don't begin to sympathize with you) to do the dirty work. Guess the Bloomberg-ites didn't trust actual Nevadan's to you know, bring in more useless gun control. Just more proof that 'Nevadans' for Background Checks aren't Nevadans and the whole scheme, as we saw in Washington, is just an evil plot to start stripping us of our rights.

The state legislature really needs to amend the petition law to require ONLY Nevada registered voters to gather signatures, ideally on a volunteer basis only. Or else anyone with money can have their way by fooling the foolish. Well, that why we have guns; to make sure no one can take our rights away from us when we can fight to keep them. Oh wait...

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