Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Armed Citizens Defend Ferguson Store

20 armed men successfully stood as security for a store in Ferguson, MO, armed with rifles and handguns. Apparently, being ready for anything served to keep the store intact and the citizens safe merely by deterrence. Read the story here. Ever wonder why people today might need a 'high-powered assault weapon' with 'high-capacity clips' [sic]? Well, Monday night's total absence of the National Guard and a lackluster police response meant massive looting, arson, and vandalism. Imagine if the crowd was as hellbent on murder, mayhem, and outright terrorism as the pre-verdict hype predicted; those weapons and every advantage they give the user may have been sorely needed. 

This is why we bear arms. Not because of race, not because of fun, not to make a statement, but because really bad stuff happens even in our 'civilized' day and age.

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