Sunday, April 1, 2018

Ammo Found at Easter Egg Hunt

According to a post on Facebook made early Saturday afternoon, Henderson mom, Kari Campbell made a disturbing discovery during an Easter egg hunt. Apparently, some prankster put pistol cartridges, pro-2A patches, and NRA stickers in Easter eggs and hid them in the tall grass of the neighborhood park. By now, the original post must must have been scrubbed (based on the anti vs. pro gun debate raging in the post comments), but we’ve preserved it in all its hysterical glory.

Looks like either 9mm or .380 ACP, what do you think?

The theme of the complaints, other than kids might have eaten the rounds (not likely), was your typical mad-mom non-sense about “common sense” gun confiscation, March for Our Lives was last week, etc. One lady got shouted down for suggesting that there were only three or four such eggs and no one got hurt, considering the parents were following along with their children as they picked up the eggs.

Lavonia Desimone said on Facebook “This is the kinda stuff you find in the ghetto, not in a nice neighborhood like this.”

Spokeswoman Renee Banks said “Cadence has strict policies prohibiting firearms in its community parks. Both open and conceal [sic] carry firearms are prohibited. We certainly don’t support leaving ammunition and hateful material in a park. This was a fun event, meant for the enjoyment of children, and was not intended to be a venue for a mean-spirited, political prank.”

Henderson police investigated and booked the ammo, eggs, and the other stuff as evidence. They told Campbell that since no one got hurt, it was unlikely any laws were violated. She didn’t take it well.

Well, you magnificent bastards who did this, I salute you. Happy Easter!

More photos at the new blog.


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