Tuesday, March 13, 2018

One mile shooting ban? Take Action!

NDOW wants to ban hunting within 5,000 feet of a residence statewide. Is this a set-up for a target shooting ban?

The Wildlife Commission wants to ban discharge of a firearm within 5,000 feet of a residence while hunting. The NRA-ILA pointed out that this could affect many areas where the act of hunting is safe, but the point of fire is within an arbitrary zone, rather than shooting itself being hazardous. Hunters shooting in a safe direction shouldn’t be subjected to a bureaucrat’s whim.
But I don’t hunt, you might say. If you live in urban Washoe County, you know that you have to be 5,000 from anything to go target shooting. Like many things with guns, it’s not the obvious we have to worry about, but how the law can be abused. What if this is a set-up to creating a new state law governing target shooting?

If this regulation makes it into state law, it’s not unreasonable to expect an anti-gun legislature using this as a basis for a state law for target shooting. “We do it for hunting; why not do it for target shooting?” Assemblyman Ira Hansen said: "NDOW seems to think they are now the Legislature!" Many other legislators are shocked that the commission is going this far.

Nye County doesn’t have any arbitrary restriction. Many common areas in Clark County would be out-of-reach for all but those with 4x4s. Ranges are crowded and expensive as it is. If you’re from Las Vegas, Reno, or California, you know that shooting areas get pushed further and further out as time goes by until it’s a pain to go shooting. Shut down the bureaucrats!

Discharge of firearms needs to be left with local authorities who know their areas best and are more responsive to local residents. We cannot afford to give hoplopaths and anti-hunters an inch. Take action before March 16th!

Nevada Carry has a public records request in to NDOW to find out where this proposal came from.

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