Monday, October 27, 2014

Random Sledgehammer Attacks in BC and Henderson

What can only be called a deranged man went on a random crime speed with a sledgehammer that ranged from Boulder City to Henderson. The man attacked 10 people with a hammer in an hour’s time last Friday night. He faces six counts of attempted murder and one count of assault with a deadly weapon.
“...the incident started in Boulder City around 8 p.m. Friday when Robins is accused of attacking a woman in a car with a one-handed sledgehammer in a convenience store parking lot. He then attacked two elderly people in the parking lot of a Boulder City auto parts store, according to Paul.Next, police said Robins ran a driver off the road on U.S. 93 and hit the male driver several times with the hammer. Authorities said after that attack, Robins drove off and ran another driver off the roadway and attacked that driver with the hammer."
Police said Robins then drove into Henderson and cut off a driver at Greenway Road and Horizon Drive. Paul says Robins attacked the driver with the hammer before he got back in his car and drove up Greenway Road to Heather Drive.

At Heather Drive, police said he is accused of cutting in front of an oncoming vehicle. When the driver stopped, police said he attacked the female driver before he got back in his car and drove to Foothill High School and hit a man with the hammer there. He fled as officers arrived.
Next, police said Robins drove to a Taco Bell restaurant on Horizon Drive and blocked a vehicle in the drive-thru lane and attacked that vehicle and driver.

He sped off and pulled into a nearby neighborhood, cut off another vehicle and got out, smashed the car with the hammer. The driver of that vehicle was not injured.”

This crook should feel himself lucky that he didn’t run into an armed citizen. The gun is mightier than the sledgehammer. This is more reason to rejoice in the fact that Nevada allows its citizens to carry a loaded gun in their vehicle and also a miracle that no one was killed or seriously injured. Have a gun, carry it, and know how to use it, because you never know when your late night trip for tacos might turn into a confrontation with a psychopath.

He was involved in several road rage incidents in connection to the hammer attacks. From the details in the article, it appears that most of the victims were in their cars when he attacked them.

In a road-rage or any sort of self-defense situation, staying in your vehicle is a good idea. Obviously, the car provides an obstacle for the attacker to break through, sledgehammer or not. Lock the doors, roll up the windows, and get out of there. A prudent driver will always room to escape, if possible. When stopping in traffic, leave enough room from the car in front of you so that you can see the rear tires. Not only does this allow you room to turn your vehicle out and drive off, it provides a cushion of space in front of you if your vehicle was to be rear-ended.

In most fast-food drive-throughs, there is no way to escape except to drive out, and the lane will probably be blocked by other cars whose drivers’ may not be aware of the danger. In a drive through, if you have to get away from danger, abandon your car. Most people will think that since their car is immobilized, that they are cut off from escape. 

UPDATE 10/29/2014

The Review-Journal had more details in the bizarre hammer attacks in Henderson and Boulder City.

He gave this chilling statement: “Sir, I’m sorry but I’m going to kill you; everything will be OK when you’re dead.” 

He even had his wife make a straw purchase of a firearm. "Her only way out was leaving with him, according to the report. Robins took the woman to a gun store where she filled out the paperwork to a buy a firearm for him. Robins could not buy a gun himself because he is a felon, police said."

It is unknown if the firearm was purchased or not. Background checks or not, criminals will attempt to buy guns, they will get them, legally or not, and commit acts of violence, guns or not.

Nevada Carry reminds all Nevadans that a loaded firearm can be carried openly on their person and in their vehicle without a permit.

What is disturbing is the suspect approaching people at a high school, a place where they are disarmed by law, made helpless to defend themselves against a criminal with no respect for the law.

Again, it is fortunate that no one was hurt or killed. 

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