Friday, March 10, 2017

SB-254, Save Your Life and Get Sued Bill

A whole host of anti-gun legislators want to deprive you of your civil immunity in justified, legal uses of deadly force (self-defense shooting) and subjected you to a hellish ordeal so a criminal or his family can score some cash from your misfortune. Under current law, if you legally shoot someone in self-defense, your attacker or his surviving family cannot sue you. Democrats hate that fact. Having a majority, every last stop of honor and decency has been removed from the Democrat’s agenda.

SB-254 is a bald-faced attempt at turning you into a helpless victim, not only to the legal system, but your assailant as well. The anti-gunners want you too terrified by the consequences of being drug into court by an unscrupulous attorney to carry or use a gun, should your life depend on it. They would rather have you dead, beaten, or raped than, heaven forbid, one of their potential voters from not to show up at the polls.

While castle doctrine and no duty to retreat isn't yet under attack, this is the first step in dismantling your right to armed self-defense. Remember the lesson of If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…

Tell them NO! We cannot let them get away with their unceasing bullshit. Comment on the bill now! And in 2018, make the Democrats pay for their relentless anti-gun, anti-American agenda and send them packing their office.

Comment anonymously and vote here (select SB254 and “Against”)


  1. I fail to understand how non-desired trespass makes the intended victim responsible for the physical safety and care of the attacker.

  2. Far too often, the law favors the lawless at the expense of the victim. This bill is a horrid step in the wrong direction! Legislators, be advised, your constituents are watching. Please don't sell us out!

  3. These people always protect evil. Cops create crime. Examine every confrontation and watch manageable turn to impossible. They only enforce the law - right? They do that and then some. They collect revenue and fill up prisons. A great example of cops creating crime is the Sandra Bland killing. She was pulled over for a minor traffic "violation"m and was arrested for not putting her cigarette out when the cop told her to. She died in jail that night. The system is evil. It protects the wicked.