Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Right Way and The Stupid Way

There is a right way to do things (protest) and a wrong way to do things. Just because it's legal, doesn't mean you should. Ask the Black Panthers about their open carry protest in '68 and how that worked out for California. Anyhow, in case you didn't hear about it, two guys in Michigan walked into a police station armored up, in ski masks, with rifles after a traffic stop they disagreed with. Michigan Open Carry criticized the men's actions. When we talk about open carry, this isn't it.

Vern's View:

I'm of mixed opinions.

First, I'm gonna reach a bit. I don't know the laws there, but I suspect that they were technically within the law. Technically, one could do the same thing in Nevada, legally. With that said, that was really really stupid. And they are lucky to be alive.

Now, with that said, the fact that it was really stupid is not because what they did was actually wrong. It was stupid because they should know by now that, regardless of whether it's legal or not, it can get you shot. Imagine a scenario where you are cruising down the highway, and you get pulled over. You know you weren't doing anything wrong, and have no idea why you are being stopped. The officer yells to you to get out of the vehicle. As you begin to do so, your phone rings, and you answer it.

That would be a stupid thing to do. Not because you're doing anything wrong, but because you know it could get you shot. Not that you should be shot, because again, you've done nothing wrong. Turns out that you fit a description of a fleeing felon, blah blah, that sort of thing.

Sometimes not doing anything technically wrong can still be stupid. All they are going to accomplish is to fuck it up for everyone else.

Now, with all that said, let's address what was the issue with what they did. First, let's stipulate that it is legal for a civilian to possess a firearm in the police station (as it is in Nevada). So, let's say he walked in well dressed, button down shirt, tie, and sidearm in a proper holster on his hip. Would we say that is stupid? I wouldn't. Since it's legal, that should be unremarkable. A citizen with a firearm. Whoop de doo.

Ok, now add that it's cold outside, and he's wearing a jacket. Any different?

Now add that it's cold enough in Michigan to justify a ski mask (there was snow on the ground). Now?

Now add that Michigan is quickly turning into ISIS HQ. And so he wears body armor like all of the cops do. Anything wrong yet?

Now add a rifle. "Why?" I would say "Why not?". It is legal.

So where did it cross the line into "That was stupid" territory? Somewhere in the middle. Again, not because he did anything technically wrong. But because he should know that it is out of the ordinary enough to get him shot. Right or wrong, self preservation should have kicked in and prevented him from doing this.

I tend to give a lot of leeway to lawful protest, and that's what this was. But it was protest that can have no possible positive outcome. And lots of negative outcomes (bad laws will get passed preventing carry, getting shot, etc).

So yeah, that was stupid.

-Vern B.

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  1. This was so stupid that it almost seems like those guys were anti gunners trying to make us pro gunners look bad... or they were just really really dumb. Come on guys, let's keep it together. We don't need more reasons for more legislation. The left will undoubtedly try and use this to infringe more on our gun rights.