Saturday, January 21, 2017

Open Carry Book Update

So the open carry book is actively progressing, however, due to the holidays and the volume of research required for the Old West portion of the book, my initial deadline slipped big time. I'm also torn on the nature of the book, which was originally intended to be very broad and in-depth. 

I do digress a lot in the Old West section, which while relevant and interesting, could be spun off into its own smaller thing. As a result, both books would be smaller in size and scope. Open Carry would be more of a focus on the truth about open carry, etc. while the Old West would cover past gun laws and how they all tie in together. Very hard to decide, but I think the only way I can really know the difference is to finish coalescing the material into a very rough first draft. 

Since most people today don't like to read or can't be bothered with it, also have a video series idea that I'm working on, probably a year out. This would be a great way to relate a lot of abstruse information in an interesting, informative way and get people the basic knowledge they need to make informed opinions. 

So as far as the book, TBD. Breaking ground is always hard work.

-G. C. 

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