Sunday, January 1, 2017

2016: 21 Defensive Gun Uses in Nevada

Source: Easy Bake Gun Club
In 2016, there were 21 verified (corroborated by the mainstream media, i.e. newspapers and TV stations) defensive gun uses (DGU). This does not include stories posted on social media that didn't make it into the papers, even though we know and trust those of you on Facebook and the forums. Except this DGU, which was reported in both places (please let Nevada Carry break the story first, then call the TV news, we need the street cred, yo).

Download Excel spreadsheet here.

I don't have access to the CDC WISQARS database at the moment (server seems to be down), so I can't verify the actual numbers myself, but one report states that about 103,000 people are killed or injured by guns every year. I'm assuming that includes murder, legal intervention, suicide, and accidents from fatal to minor. That's basically with a wash of even the most conservative estimate of 100,000 defensive gun uses a year. The vast majority of non-shooting defensive gun uses go totally unnoticed, like the a women in Las Vegas who deterred a possible kidnapping and another who prevented an altercation from devolving into a fight simply by openly carrying.

There were also several dubious DGUs. One where a would-be Good Samaritan shot at a suspect shoplifter's car (he also was carrying concealed illegally). The second involves a smoke shop clerk who shot a shoplifter during a flash-mob style robbery. Police arrested him for murder, contending that the dead thief, a 13-year old boy, was not a threat at the time. One other interesting case, that might turn out to be actual self-defense or good for at least a not-guilty verdict was in the case of a man who, during an altercation, claimed to see the victim grab a gun (later determined to be an airgun) and shot him.

Know the self-defense laws before you go, but honestly, if you're the type to read up on when you can and can't shoot someone, you're probably not the type to get into dubious shootings either. And for heaven's sake; why are you stuffing a fake gun in your pants? That's just a recipe for disaster.

As always, reporting from the provinces is spotty, so if you live in rural Nevada and we missed one, let us know. We're also open to verifiable reports not listed in the media.

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