Friday, October 28, 2016

Sheriff Lombardo Supports Anti-Gun Question in Private


Don't take for granted that your pro-gun friends know to vote NO on question 1.

We just found out that our Clark County Sheriff, Joe Lombardo, who has officially taken a neutral position, is still speaking in favor of it in private circles.

We found this out from a couple of people who had attended an event recently where he was a speaker.  They took what he said as gospel, even though they were pro-gun people.  

Thankfully, we got to them before they voted and straightened it out.

But this should serve as a warning that we can take nothing for granted.  We need to be evangelists on this thing to everyone we come into contact with.  Go beyond social media.  Ask people at your work.  Even if you think that you might disagree with them on the entire rest of their ballot, don't worry about that.  Try to enlighten them on Q1.  Talk to EVERYONE in your family.  If you conduct a lot of business by email, add "Nevadans, Vote NO on Question 1" to your email sig.

We know that the only way this thing passes is if enough people are in the dark.  

Hit the bullet points:

Why does an out of state billionaire want to BUY a law in Nevada?

If we pass just one more law, criminals will surely start obeying them, right?

Who does this law affect?  The law abiding.  Criminals are amused by our futile attempts to regulate them into compliance.

Get out there and spread the word!  Be an ambassador for the 2nd Amendment!

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