Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Anti-Gun Question 1 Early Voting Shenanigans

Those Question 1 supporters seem to have an issue with truth, ethics, and quite probably the law. At the advent of early voting this past weekend, shenanigans were afoot.

In recent days, there have been reports of mysterious “No on One” yard signs disappearing from front yards and vacant lots (while other election signs remain). At the Albertsons on Stephanie and Horizon Ridge in Henderson, several “Yes” signs were posted on private property fronting the road and main entrance to the parking lot. Just outside the 100 foot “no electioneering” zone, but still unethical. Kinda like sticking a “Vons” sign into Albertsons grass. Thankfully, the management of Albertsons saw the conflict and potential association with their business and quickly removed the signs after a complaint.

At the early voting trailer at Silverado Ranch and Eastern (Target) on Saturday, 10/22, the Moms Demand Action/Everytown gun control ghouls were stumping for “yes” votes way too close to the polling place and the line. Our friend J. L. was kind enough to provide video and photographs from the location. He said the orange shirts “took a long pause while I was recording them. The [election] staff was eyeballing me and they eventually rerouted the cones and line to be compliant. They all knew it was wrong.”

Occasionally, an orange shirt stepped over the line into the “no electioneering” zone. One must wonder if it is legal for people to electioneer to people in a long line.

Red circle indicates where boundary marker is. Arrow indicates illegal electioneering.
NRS 293.740 prohibits, "inside a polling place or within 100 feet from the entrance to the building or other structure in which a polling place is located:" 
“(a) For any person to solicit a vote or speak to a voter on the subject of marking the voter’s ballot.
(b) For any person, including an election board officer, to do any electioneering on election day.” 
So under the letter of the law, if you just stand far enough away, but still close enough to harass voters, you’re technically legal, we think. Could the “polling place entrance” definition be extended to the line itself, in the case the line extends beyond the door? The clear intent of those queued up is to vote so perhaps the “entrance” should be considered the line.

Unfortunately, due to the sign being placed on the ground, our friend didn’t know where the 100ft line was until he passed it himself, after the fact, and thus it was not a priority to record violations in this area. On top of this, according to the election workers, our friend said that the property owner knew or permitted the ghouls to try and steal your rights and interfere with voting.

Also not helping is the statute’s confusing language, probably intended to protect someone in a home or business neighboring the polling place, that excludes: “the conduct of a person in a private residence or on commercial or residential property that is within 100 feet from the entrance to a building or other structure in which a polling place is located.” Clear and unambiguous, right? Good job Legislature, you sure know how to write those laws well.

However, depending on whether or not the state and county cares, is NRS 293.730 "Interfering with conduct of election" seems like it might apply: 
“1.  A person shall not:
(a) Remain in or outside of any polling place so as to interfere with the conduct of the election.” 
Merriam-Webster defines “interfere” as “to become involved in the activities and concerns of other people when your involvement is not wanted” (short definition). Uh, sounds like that one lady was quite bothered and along with our friend, the orange shirts’ involvement was not wanted.

Of course, this could just be the ignorance of ignorant supporters who are convinced they are doing the right thing. Old ladies and college girls who are gullible enough to swallow the agitprop probably aren’t smart enough to follow the law. Perhaps if one of the orange shirts’ paid handlers was present (maybe they were), they would have put the kibosh on the activity and moved them to a respectable distance.

In reality, the corporate orange shirts probably couldn’t give a fig for appearances. They are willing to lie, bamboozle, and spend dizzying sums to steal your rights. A little soft election manipulation is nothing. If it’s barely legal, it’s good enough for them. So, illegal? Maybe technically. It depends on case law beyond this journalist’s knowledge and how concerned about election malfeasance the prosecutor is. Unethical? Highly, but ethics was never a concern of Team Statist.

So if you see these folks behaving badly in “no electioneering” zones, get them on video, tell the polling staff, and why not call the police and make a private person’s arrest? Fight back against these petty tyrants, their lies, and their reprehensible behavior. Gun owners color inside the lines until someone comes to take our coloring book away, so we find ourselves above these kinds of things. Why not use the rules to our advantage?

If you do see this stuff going on, please reach out to use via Facebook ASAP.

All photos and video courtesy friend of Nevada Carry, J. L. 

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