Thursday, February 11, 2016

Nevada Public Utility Commission Illegally Interferes with Open Carriers

The Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that the Nevada Public Utilities Commission is frightened by citizens exercising their right to openly carry a firearm at solar rate protest. They were frightened of exactly three protesters. The armed citizens were illegally prevented from entering the meeting, presumably for being armed.

NRS 202.3673 only prohibits concealed weapons in public buildings, something the DMV and libraries in Clark County had to find out the hard way. It is specifically legal to openly carry a firearm in public buildings and the PUC meeting. Any public official who participated in the illegal act violated the citizens’ civil rights, absent any information that the citizens were engaged in any other crime.

General Counsel Lina Tanner called the exercise of Second Amendment rights “irresponsible behavior” despite no violent or overtly threatening acts. “Things were getting really tense on the ground,” she told the LVRJ. Uh, how? They were yelling at you because you did something that upset the public? Darn those citizens exercising their First and Second Amendment rights! Darn the Constitution! Public employee’s feelings were hurt! Panties were twisted.

The individuals, would be returning to Friday’s meeting armed again, which is their right. Tanner accused the citizen carriers of attempting to threaten or intimidate the commission. This is the same commission that had a citizen arrested for videotaping their proceedings.

PUC staff is considering metal detectors, which would only be intended to catch someone stupid enough to illegally carry a concealed weapon in a public building or, what it’s really intended for, to intimidate legally armed open carriers. Of course, the PUC can’t keep out open carriers.

If a crime was committed, such as brandishing or making threats, police would have intervened. Obviously none of that happened. Chandler Sherman, told the LVRJ: "We have zero tolerance for unlawful conduct, and we have not observed or heard about any unlawful conduct inside or outside of the proceedings.” The PUC apparently does not like the fact that the public is upset, expressing themselves, and exercising their rights, which includes remaining openly armed in public buildings. Peaceable assembly can include self-defense weapons.

The PUC and Nevada government entities need to realize that Nevadans will not tolerate infringement upon the Second Amendment or our right to protect ourselves. Nevada Carry urges any legally armed citizens affected by illegal actions to disarm or intimidate them to contact us.

Comment from the PUC is pending.