Thursday, February 18, 2016

Happy Birthday! Nevada Carry is 2 Years Old

It's Nevada Carry's second birthday! Way back in 2014, while waiting for my concealed firearm permit to arrive (took 119 days because LVMPD is incompetent or deliberately slow) I decided to begin carrying openly. I was a little nervous and worried about being accosted by Moms Who Demand Action or police. I also wanted to share the gospel of open carry, so I made a little website to go along with business cards I made. What began as a simple webpage grew into what it is now.

Nevada Carry is quickly turning into a hub of information on Nevada carry laws, self-defense laws, and general gun and gun-rights information. Our blog is set to break 150,000 page views sometime this month. We broke the news about state preemption doing away with blue cards, we investigated the LVCC Library District's illegal ban of open carry, and continue to post factual, researched information for public edification.

Very few people here in Nevada stick up for the Second Amendment as much as we do here, so I want to thank those of you in the various forums and especially the Facebook mods and admins who work so hard. You know who you are! This is what grassroots effort looks like and if we keep it up, we can continue the freedom victory streak. Now get out and vote!

Please send friends here in lieu of gifts.


Check out the old site on's Way Back Machine.

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