Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A GOOD Background Check Bill (SB 240)

SB 240 (text) Background Checks

This is NOT a bill that would ban private gun sales, but strengthen an existing right. It would also actually streamline and improve the existing Brady Check system.

Gives courts 5 days to enter those adjudicated mentally deficient into the background check system as prohibited persons, including authorizing reporting to the FBI’s NCIC.

NRS 202.362 would be amended to prohibit straw purchases on behalf of prohibited persons and changes state law to consider a member of criminal gang to be a Nevada prohibited person.

It also amends NRS 202.254 to: 1, indemnify a person who in good faith sold a weapon, whether a background check was completed or no; and 2, makes private background checks free.

Support. The changes would strengthen private party gun sales and protect the seller from being sued by zealous anti-gunners for unintentionally selling to a prohibited person or for a failure of the existing voluntary private background check system. Most importantly, it removes the voluntary background check fee, currently $25. Citizens should not be paying this fee. Ideally, this bill would establish a toll-free number for the public to conduct free background checks for private gun sales. The passage of this bill would go a long way to disarming many of the arguments of the Bloomberg backed universal background check bill which would essentially eliminate private gun sales and cost the buyer $25.

Text here: https://www.leg.state.nv.us/Session/78th2015/Bills/SB/SB240.pdf

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