Tuesday, December 12, 2017

DPS Waives Certain Background Check Fees

Now that headline got your attention, thanks to New Frontier Armory for bringing this to our attention. Remember Question 1, universal background checks initiative, that tried to ban private gun sales? Democrats are trying to sink governor candidate Attorney General Adam Laxalt by blaming him for pointing out the law is unenforceable. Question 1 also hurt public safety by removing the free, voluntary background check provision. 

The Nevada Department of Public Safety is offering free, voluntary background checks for private gun sale/transfers. In other words, they are waiving the $25 NICS background check fee if someone wants to sell or transfer a gun to someone.

This is being offered as a public service by the state. The botched abortion known as Question 1 invalidated the existing provision for free, voluntary background checks on private sales enacted in 2015. That system was by mail and as of 2015, literally only one person ever used it. 
  • These are voluntary; they are not mandatory. Voluntary means “optional.” Optional means you do not have to do it.
  • No, this does not mean that Question 1 is being enforced.
  • Yes, you can still just transfer or sell guns like you used to do.
  • “Free” means the state is not charging $25 to run the background check; the dealer can still charge $25 or whatever for their time and paper work.
  • This will require a Form 4473 and the dealer is calling Carson City.
  • If you have a CCW and you are receiving or buying a firearm, you still always fill out a form, but you do not have to pay $25 or wait for a background check.
  • Yes, you still have to go to a dealer.
  • No, you do not have to register a firearm and the ATF Form 4473 isn’t registration*.

By now, everyone in Southern Nevada should know that New Frontier Armory is the place to go. Yes, there are other places to go and I know some of you haven’t bought a firearm from a dealer at all—especially after that boating accident (I don’t actually own any guns either)—but this is our favorite place. Plus the owner actually really does care about the Second Amendment and busts his butt advocating for it, but you already know that, right?

*Yes, we know how it can be used, but we don’t need to confuse people who are already confused.

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