Monday, September 19, 2016

Bad Reporting of Question 1 Money Sources

Democrats, liberals, and statistics all have one thing in common: they’d rather give money and buy what they want rather than honestly try to change minds. If they can lie, bluff, and bluster, they’ll do it. NBC Ch. 4 in Reno has a segment called “Ask Joe” where reporter Joe Hart answers questions from viewers. One viewer asked where the money for Ballot Question 1 was coming from. First, he covered the supporters.

Everyone should know now that Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety is the force behind this across the country. It’s like the aliens in Independence Day: they keep moving from purple state to purple state spending money abusing the initiative process to get uninformed voters to give up their rights. In a stellar, courageous, and detailed investigation, Joe called the spokeshole for the supporters to ask them where the money came from. Conveniently, the spokeshole didn’t tell him that most of the money came from out of state and from very rich donors.

Where is the money coming from? Well, Everytown for Gun Safety has spent/given about $1.7 million so far—that’s not grassroots. Not to mention the bunches of millionaires, billionaires, and multimillion dollar corporations contributing money. My two local favorites are: 
  • Gary Ackerman, owner of Ford Country in Henderson
  • Adam Kutner (TV injury attorney)

 Check out the contributor reports here. See if you know any of the names or recognize any addresses. Of course, since being an actual journalist is too hard, Joe never bothered to pull the data from the Secretary of State’s website that would show his emphasis on “2,000 donors of less than $1,000 (to imply it was a grassroots funded measure). Well, maybe he did, but didn’t care. I don’t know what his political ideology or take on Ballot Question 1 is, but his “investigation” sucked. You failed to mention where most of the money came and about the bunches of prominent people who gave $1,000 or more. 

Gun owners have a huge machine, powered by mindless zombies who throw money at anything they don’t like. It’s a shame that gun owners don’t spend their money to tell other people what they should do and think that sending the NRA $35 a year for a magazine is helping out the cause. Not to mention all those wealthy gun owners and Second Amendment supporters who have been cowed into hiding their support for gun rights.

Unfortunately, that means commercials with some guy you’ve never heard of trying to imply law enforcement thinks more unenforceable laws are a good idea. Plus they have the media firmly in their pocket, but it’s nice when we catch “journalists” at their deceitful games. And Joe, it’s okay if you’re biased. Just admit it any at least think objectively, even if your segments really aren’t, but don’t pee on our legs and tell us it’s raining. Misleading and omission of critical facts is lying Joe. 

Vote No on Ballot Question 1.

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