Friday, August 19, 2016

Dirty Journalism: The Gun Registration Freudian Slip

The following images show that the media knows, but won’t openly admit, that Ballot Question 1 is about gun registration and is actively trying to cover up that fact.

The image above is a link posted on Facebook on August 17, 2016 at 1:48 PM. The Review-Journal article can be viewed here. The article itself was last updated at 6:05 PM the same day. Ostensibly included in the updates between 1:48 and then was changing of the title. This is the actual original URL (try clicking on it):


Below is what the link looks like now: 

Notice that ‘registration’ is mentioned nowhere in the text of the article or the source code. While I apologize for not catching it earlier and preserving images of the original article, it’s obvious that the title including “registration” was altered. With actual paid editors and all the time in the world to report, Wesley Juhl and his editors should have caught this Freudian slip before it went to press. Thanks to basic human psychology, it took six hours for someone to notice that the headline told the truth. If this wasn't a cover-up, then why didn't the RJ admit it's 'simple error' with a correction?

We’ve just caught local media manipulation of the truth. Ballot Question 1/universal background checks do not work without gun registration. I’ve explained why this is likely a front for registration based on reporting of dealer sales/transactions.

To generate the sentences describing the link and the title, Facebook pulls the information directly from the source page. It is not input from the link poster or summarized by Facebook. It is the original content. 


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