Saturday, August 15, 2015

Nevada Carry is now in Spanish!

Nevada Carry is proud to debut its new Spanish-language pages at

The Spanish speaking community deserves to have a reliable resource for correct information about guns laws. We recognize the large Spanish speaking population that is subjected daily to violence, many coming from Mexico where guns are pretty much illegal and in the hands of criminals and cartel terrorists. Far too many Mexicans have been subjected to tyranny, terror, and have been victimized because they are disarmed. This attitude carries over in the United States that 'guns are bad' or that 'only criminals have guns' because that is all that many know. We're here to dispel all that and end the rumors.

In 2016, the universal background check initiative, which would ban private gun sales, will hit the ballot with the full support of the Democratic party. The Democrats have solidified the Hispanic vote. We want to get the right information out to the largest unified segment of the popular vote so that they make the right choice, not the one that will lead them to lose more rights. You can count on Democratic organizers in the Hispanic community to support the party line of more gun control.

It is important to note that anyone who is not legally present in the United States is prohibited from possessing firearms. One must be a citizen or otherwise legally present. Nevada Carry does not support illegal immigration.

If you speak Spanish and read the page, well, enjoy your laugh at the machine translation. The editor, despite having three years of Spanish in high school and a semester in college, sounds like Peggy Hill and could use some help. We are looking for someone fluent in Spanish (preferably with a college education and very knowledgeable about guns and gun laws) to assist in re-translating the pages and even adding content. Contact us here.

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