Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Parody: This gun control tactic is hard to shoot down

You may have seen this 'editorial' in the liberal-leaning Las Vegas Sun. While the editorial remains unattributed, we can virtually guarantee that it was written by a universal background check Bloomberg shill. The following is a parody of this obviously biased (and incredibly ridiculous and patronizing) editorial.

This Gun Control Tactic is Easy to Shoot Down

Aside from picking office holders, Nevada voters next year will have the opportunity to help Michael Bloomberg ban private gun sales.

Granted, we can’t always identify “the wrong hands” because (the definition is open to interpretation; Mayor Bloomberg thinks that urban youth are ‘the wrong hands’)  many crimes are committed in the passion of the moment by first-time gun-wielders who might not fit the profile of a gunman-in-waiting. So basically, we really can’t prevent people from shooting each other, but I guess we can make it difficult enough for them to use a brick, a knife, or whatever is handy and deadly.

But as an organization funded by wealthy individuals, we at least can try to keep guns out of the hands of people who, on the face of it, shouldn’t be allowed to carry a weapon. It’s an obvious group: everybody who isn’t a soldier, police officer, or bodyguard. And we should probably include felons, domestic abusers and the mentally ill who have been identified by the state as having been committed involuntarily to a mental health institution or deemed a danger to themselves or others. Of course, they already obtain guns illegally from street dealers, having someone with a clean record buy them, or just stealing them.

As it stands now, someone in Nevada can buy a weapon from a private party and not register it, thanks to SB 175 and SB 240, the latter which made voluntary private party background checks free. As a result, guns end up in the hands of very trustworthy and well-intentioned people.

With some exceptions, the proposed law would ban private gun sales — they account for about 40 percent of all gun sales (because we cherry picked the statistics and lied—they’re actually only about 15-25% of gun sales) and typically are found at gun shows or face-to-face meetings online — to be forced to meet at a dealer, pay a $25 fee, and fill out forms that are kept around basically forever.

Customers who buy guns from licensed firearms dealers already are required to undergo background checks, which frequently fail because the records are incomplete or the people they are supposed to keep guns away from have no record that can be tracked until after the crime occurs.

The proposed law is known as the Background Check Initiative. It qualified for a place on the Nevada ballot in November 2016 by virtue of a probably illegal petition drive that got 166,779 signatures, the most ever collected for an initiative in this state, because we circulated along with the marijuana petition, and who doesn’t like that!

This should be an easy decision for voters. Who would argue against background checks? Well, those law-abiding citizens who hate tyranny, out-of-state billionaires throwing their weight around, anyone suspicious of this abusive government’s intentions, and people who respect private property rights. Don’t forget those old, privileged white dudes who wrote the Second Amendment. Where’s the harm? Don’t mind the fact that this will lead to registration, just like it did in California. We’ll take the whole confiscation thing one step at a time so we don’t freak you out.

The National Rifle Association is fighting the initiative because they believe in freedom and the constitution. It worries background checks are a veiled effort by the government to build a national registry of gun owners—and they’re damn right! Such a registry would allow the government, when it sees the need and the moment is right, to swoop in and confiscate everyone’s weapons.

Despite that threat, 18 other states have had the Background Check Initiative forced on them by lying, paid signature gathers, which is being promoted by Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety and its partner, Moms Demand Action. The groups call background checks a no-brainer because their members, organizers, funders, and even the people who wrote the source for this parody article have no brain. These groups like to make up stats, manipulate them, lie, and basically bully anyone who doesn’t hate guns just as much as they do.

Biased and flawed polling shows overwhelming support for efforts to clamp down on who can buy guns. A New York Times/CBS News Poll in 2013 found 92 percent of respondents supported background checks on all potential gun buyers. The findings were echoed in a Pew Research Center poll that same year: 85 percent of respondents supported background checks. These studies were thoroughly discredited. And various other crappy polls show NRA members strongly support background checks.

The only argument to be made against background checks is the notion that the government is trying to compile a list of gun owners. Because it really does have a backdoor gun registry and they really do want to register all guns—just ask Senator Feinstein. But five federal laws that ban a gun registry, easily overwritten by a compliant Congress and signed by a gun hating president, can eliminate the ban.

We hope voters get behind the Background Check Initiative because that will mean they are stupid enough to fall for whatever lie we concoct to sell them gun registration and any other gun nonsense idea we come up with. When are proven liars, when the feds come after gun owners in a nationwide dragnet, we assume word will spread quickly and people can bury their guns in their backyards, stick them in a storage unit, or finally say they’ve had enough and shoot back—exactly what the Second Amendment is there for. Until then, let’s start taking away people’s rights.

Learn the truth about the universal background check initiative that will ban private sales at

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