Thursday, April 28, 2016

Gun Law and Tax Traitor Runs for Congress

State Senator, Michael Roberson, a Republican, is running in this year's primary to replace Congressman Joe Heck, who is running for US Senator Reid's seat. Roberson, as a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, helped kill a number of pro-gun bills, including campus carry, and helped Gov. Sandoval ram down Nevadan's throats our biggest tax hike in history--the very tax voters rejected on the 2014 ballot.

It's probably a safe bet that if it wasn't for Roberson, Sen. Brower, and their progressive Republican cabal (also known as RINOs), we would have campus carry and constitutional carry in our state. Yet they used their power as leaders in the senate and their committees to stop important bills from being heard. The public was especially disenchanted with him to the point someone published his private cell phone number.

Alan Stock, a noted talk-show host in Las Vegas, had some damning words to say about Roberson and his conduct in general:
"If we look up the definition of 'misogyny,' we find that it manifests as a 'male supremacist idea.'  It is manifested in the male controlling the female for his own gain.  This describes Roberson’s control over Becky Harris in the last legislative process – and by his own admission.  He said he told her (and others) not to come on to my show. 
"The true misogynist is Michael Roberson.  His behavior toward women in general is grandiose, cocky, controlling and self-centered.  He has shown himself to be a liar.  He has shown himself to be dishonest.  He has gone back on pledges and promises.  Yet he has the audacity to ask for your vote so he can elevate his own dishonesty from the state level the federal level in Washington, D.C."
The primary election is June 14.

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